Have Love Will Travel: Transmission 35, 2013 June 01


michellegunelephantgearblues.gif"I just wanted to chill," says our host, figuratively and literally. June makes a scorching debut, and BOMBAST rocks out in an air conditioned studio [sort of] with little regard for exterior conditions. I had paid my outdoor dues, earlier in the day, at our Ithaca Festival booth, conveniently located in the wind tunnel that was the Cornell Daily Sun lot. Breezes are nice, even artificial ones, but dear god what miserable weather we were having.

AFAIAC, anyone whose favorite season in Ithaca is not "Winter" is a straight-up crazy person. Please do not speak to me of the road-soiled, shrinking piles of snow that characterize our Spring, or the two or three days of "Fall colors" that Nature grants before subjecting us to eight weeks of slimy, wet, brown leaves underfoot. As for "Summer," I would like to imagine universal agreement on the point that 91-degree days in Ithaca are good for nothing more than finding out just how much a human being can sweat, but I suppose it takes all kinds.

Wednesday night, parade night, was much more refreshing--a 15-minute thundershower giving way to a moderate evening for walking [or rolling, in my case] through the streets of downtown. Our float and live broadcast were raging successes, or so I am told. Check out the pictures at our Facebook page.

Musically, this program was a lot of fun. I don't feel as good about many shows as I do about this one. No doubt Thee Michelle Gun Elephant plays a large part in this, but in general the segues are tight and the voice-overs are delivered more smoothly than usual. The Program Director in me thinks that maybe this Kid Catharsis has a future in radio after all, which probably means that next week's show will be a shambles.

Also, it was great to receive a phone call from Switzerland immediately after the program. While we try to press forward mercilessly as far as music is concerned, history and legacy mean something to us, so it was a privilege to speak to a broadcasting legend.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 June 1, 1500-1700:

  1. The Lionheart Brothers: "The Drift - Morten Oby & Prins Thomas Edit" [Full Pupp]
  2. Dur-Dur Band: "Garsore Waa Ilaah" [Awesome Tapes from Africa]
  3. Stiv Bators: "Have Love Will Travel" [Bomp]
  4. Kinski: "Skim MILF" [Kill Rock Stars]
  5. Ackin', M. Akamatsu: "Tembezi - Marcellus Pitman Remix" [Internasjonal]
  6. Thee Michelle Gun Elephant: "Smokin' Billy" [Alive] / "Physical Evidence"
  7. Chymera: "Disc" [Dirt Crew]
  8. Justin Walter: "Awakening" [Kranky]
  9. Scott Wood: "Chicken Rock" [TT Shaker]
  10. Throwing Muses: "Ride Into the Sun" [4AD] / "Listening Parlour"
  11. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: "Supercops" [Echo Beach]
  12. Gray: "Mockingbird" [Plush Safe]
  13. Witch: "Kangalaitoito" [Now-Again]
  14. Jerry Johnson: "Zion Rock" [Deeper Knowledge]
  15. Thee Michelle Gun Elephant: "West Cabaret Drive" [Alive] / "Physical Evidence"
  16. Rodion G.A.: "Caravane" [Strut]
  17. The Black Keys: "Have Love Will Travel" [Fat Possum]
  18. Thee Michelle Gun Elephant: "Satanic Boom Boom Head" [Alive] / "Physical Evidence"
  19. Aera: "Baby / Comet / Face" [Aleph]
  20. The Black Dog: "Cult Mentality" [Dust Science]
  21. Thee Michelle Gun Elephant: "Free Devil Jam" [Alive] / "Physical Evidence"
  22. Jesse Ruins: "Uxbal in A Allusive" [Lefse]
  23. Lalo Guererro: "Los Chucos Suaves" [Jazzman]
  24. Fredda: "Journal Intime" [Le Pop Musik]
  25. Tom Waits: "Childrens Story" [Anti-] / "Listening Parlour"
  26. Man or Astro-Man?: "Defcon 4" [WARM Electronic]
  27. Swamp Dogg: "Total Destruction to Your Mind" [Alive]
  28. Thee Headcoatees: "Have Love Will Travel" [Vinyl Japan]

Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

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