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Mar 2013

He Held the World in His Iron Grip: Transmission 19, 2013 March 6

March 11, 2013

stereolablowfifront.jpegI suppose it is a mark of "professionalism" that a couple of raging "backstage dramas" at the station remained backstage during what was otherwise a pretty good show. The burden of the "performer," however, is that both onstage and backstage events combine to form a memory of the evening. I felt quite weird while doing this show, and would probably always be reminded of it when I listened.

Who am I kidding? I never have time to listen to these recordings more than once. Anyway, as I suggested, the music's quality was high this week, as we had Bombast Hall of Legends inductees Stereolab in the "Physical Evidence" segment and a cornucopia of wonderful new releases filling out the rest of the program. Musically, it was a good week.

I had another lengthy, thoughtful dissertation planned, but screw that. Life is busy. I am now, suddenly, a member of the WRFI Board of Directors. I don't know what I have gotten myself into. Stereolab good, drama bad. There is your commentary. You are welcome.

Oh, but there is some bad news. Somehow, in a week in which other aspects of "data management" went really well, I accidentally deleted the sound file from the program. [Yes, it really was an accident--I am not being sarcastic.] So I guess I am not to be tormented, except in my own head. And--bonus for you--here is an opportunity for you to catch up on one of the other fine programs available on the website.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 March 6, 8:00 - 10:00 p.m.

  1. Deathfix: "Better than Bad" [Dischord]
  2. Weird Guilders: "Sentimental Journey" [Rush Hour]
  3. Autechre: "jatevee C" [Warp]
  4. Tony Allen: "Ariya Revisited" [Comet]
  5. Stereolab: "Low Fi" [Too Pure] / "Physical Evidence"
  6. Ludwig Amadeus Horzon and Peaches: "Me My Shelf and I" [Martin Hossbach]
  7. Lee "Scratch" Perry and ERM: "Capricorn" [Rubis Management]
  8. Tom Dissevelt: "Syncopation" [Trunk]
  9. FaltyDL: "She Sleeps (Gang Gang Dance Remix)" [Ninja Tune]
  10. Stereolab: "(Varoom!)" [Too Pure] / "Physical Evidence"
  11. Doldrums: "Sunrise" [Souterrain]
  12. Fréhel: "Si tu n'étais pas là" [Victoires / Virgin] / "Listening Parlour"
  13. B/B/S: "Gather Part 1" [Miasmah]
  14. Stereolab: "Laissez-faire" [Too Pure] / "Physical Evidence"
  15. Permanent Makeup: "Don't Self-Destruct" [New Granada]
  16. Boris: "Cosmos [Parts 1-3]" [Invada]
  17. Stereolab: "Elektro (he held the world in his iron grip)" [Too Pure] / "Physical Evidence"
  18. Frikstailers: "Cumbianchamuyo" [ZZK]
  19. Chico Mann: "El Paragua" [Soundway]
  20. Fredda: "Constant" [Le Pop Musik]
  21. Wayne Hancock: "Ride" [Bloodshot]
  22. The KVB: "Human" [Cititrax]
  23. Deux: "Ministry of Love" [Minimal Wave]
  24. Edith Piaf: "Non, je ne regrette rien" [Columbia] / "Listening Parlour"

Next week: let's just try to get some audio up. thanks for your patience! --kid catharsis