Hear It And Believe, Don’t You Grieve Or Look Behind: Transmission 189, 2015 February 24


shriekbackoilandgold.jpgAs promised, here is one of those programs that happens on a day when I just stop caring. So of course it is EXCELLENT. Lessons are only for those who can learn, so don't expect this to be the new thing. No "Physical Evidence," no "Listening Parlour," no "Hall of Vengeance," and no clue. "This was quieter than usual," the Senior Catharses tell me. Really? I didn't think so at the time, and still don't, but whatever "it" is I come by it honestly.

A little over a week after the fact, I find myself enjoying this one quite a bit. I don't know if this is part of my new "accept yourself" strategy or actual merit in the program, but it feels good, so I'm going to go ahead. Notes: DJ Kristi reminded me not too long ago how great those early Simple Minds records were. Those Shriekback / PWEI songs were certainly chestnuts for me back in the day. Did you know--I had a chance to see Shriekback in a tiny little campus coffeehouse, capacity ~200, back in Fall 1985 but opted instead to attend some politics lecture for extra credit in a class. PRIORITIES: I guess I had them once? I have warmed to that MBV record. I genuinely have no idea how that particular M83 song made it into the show, but that's part of the "magic." Finally, everyone, say hello to the Roots Nyabingi Brigade, straight from Babylondon!

I remember nothing about that lecture. Thanks, academia.

BOMBAST playlist, 2015 February 24, 2100-2300:

  1. "Theme for Great Cities" | Simple Minds | Sister Feelings Call | Virgin
  2. "Malaria" / "Everything That Rises Must Converge" | Shriekback | Oil and Gold | Island
  3. "Happy Cycling" | Boards of Canada | Peel Session | Warp
  4. "New Era" | Shells | In a Cloud | Life Like
  5. "Keep Your Dreams" | Suicide | Suicide | Red Star
  6. "Ratts of the Capital" | Mogwai | Happy Songs for Happy People | Matador
  7. "To Forgive But Not To Forget" | Outside | Rebirth of Cool 4 | Island
  8. "Kiss Of Def" | The Durutti Column | Obey the Time | Factory Once
  9. "Wonder 2" | My Bloody Valentine | M B V | MBV
  10. "Cosmic Jugalbandi (part 1 based on Raga Bhupali)" | Suns of Arqa | Solar Activity 1979-2001 | EMI
  11. "Guitar Voodoo" | The Darkside | All That Noise | Situation Two
  12. "One Flesh" | The Chameleons | John Peel Sessions | Blue Apple
  13. "Woy-Oh YaYa (Dubplate)" | Roots Nyabingi Brigade | Bring Downa Babylondon | self-released
  14. "Written on the Forehead" | PJ Harvey | Let England Shake | Vagrant
  15. "Bleach" | Little Annie & The Legally Jammin' | Little Annie & The Legally Jammin' | Italic
  16. "Boy Go" | The Golden Palominos | Visions of Excess | Celluloid
  17. "Up!" | M83 | Saturdays = Youth | Mute
  18. "524 Fidelio" | The Wedding Present | Back A Bit...Stop! (German Version) | This Will Be Our Summer
  19. "Everything That Rises" | Pop Will Eat Itself | Love Missile F1-11 (Designer Grebo Megamix) | Chapter 22
  20. "I Put A Spell On You" | Screamin' Jay Hawkins & The Fuzztones | Live | Midnight

next time: safe harbor. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

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