Hero Time: Transmission 182, 2015 January 25


crampsdatewithelvisinner.jpgA few Sundays ago, I threw myself into a radio program on very short notice. It is a real Winter of Sickness in the listening area. I forget exactly what it was or who it was on this particular day, but someone couldn't go, so I did. I think maybe some work was happening, or supposed to happen, with the airplay computer, which would preclude airing pre-recorded material, so a warm body was necessary. I decided to be it; perhaps I even convinced myself that it would be like "the first time" at WRFI. That is my sickness.

Sadly it wasn't novel or nostalgic, but it was a pretty well-executed show for a while, multi-tasking notwithstanding. The selection was "haphazard," as I advertised, but things have a strange way of fitting together either better than I expect or much, much worse. I really did biff the beginning of that Cramps tune, though.

BOMBAST playlist, 2015 January 25, 1600-1730:

  1. "Weird Gear" | Ultramarine | Every Man And Woman Is A Star | Rough Trade
  2. "Metropolis" | NTFO & Karmon | Composit | DIYNamic
  3. "Bring It On Down" | Karl Hector & The Malcouns | Unstraight Ahead | Now-Again
  4. "Love Walls" | Ted Alexander | XXX | Stem
  5. "Afro-Soul" | Manu Dibango | Africadelic | Aurora
  6. "Ghost Lights" | The Children | Ghost Lights | Division 68
  7. "Take Me I'm Yours (BBC Radio 1 John Peel Session - 24 May 1988)" | The Wedding Present | Bizarro [reissue] | Edsel
  8. "Rolling Stone" | The Dub Club | Foundation Come Again | Stones Throw
  9. "Inside Out (feat. Katharina Busch)" | High Heels Breaker | High Heels Breaker | Drumpoet Community
  10. "The Mechanics of Joy" | Echologist | The Mechanics of Joy | Prologue
  11. "Two Months Off" | Underworld | A Hundred Days Off | Universal [Japan]
  12. "Mr. Smart" | Leroy Smart | The Don Tells It Like It Is | Bunny Lee
  13. "Helios" | Rival Consoles | Rival Consoles | Erased Tapes
  14. "People Ain't No Good" | The Cramps | A Date With Elvis | Big Beat
  15. "Looking From A Hilltop - BBC Version" | Section 25 | From The Hip | Factory Benelux
  16. "Soon" | Bostro Pesopeo | Cheer Up EP | Permanent Vacation

next time: the absolute worst. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

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