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Aug 2013

Hey Lawdy! Transmission 51, 2013 August 7

August 13, 2013

band_of_susans_peel_sessions.jpegWe followed a tough act this evening--the preceding program, the always good "Humming Wires," was in rare form. I just hope we made it worthwhile to stick around. We just might have. It was a mix of conceptual stuff and je m'en foutisme that, typically, came together at the last minute. I'm not sure how well that segue going from Ken Camden to The Denists worked, in retrospect, but if that's your worst experience of the week, you are having a pretty good week.

You might have noticed that we have jumped from Transmission 49 to trans. 51. I provided an explanation here, and we'll have to wait for the end of the month to see if there's room to upload any of these "overflow" broadcasts (#52 will also be waiting patiently). They have been good shows, I assure you, and for now the only way to hear a "special" or "impromptu" or "emergency" Bombast is to pay attention to Facebook and to listen live.

In this episode we learn what Kid Catharsis thinks of "blues purists." In reality that goes for purists in general, much of the time. Sometimes, though, straying too far from origins can lead to awful things. Hall of Legends inductee Billy Childish once said of the Rolling Stones that "they stopped being fans of Bo Diddley and became fans of themselves," and I don't feel a need to elaborate on the "London band" whose songs appear here and there in tonight's program, except to say that "Child of the Moon," performed here by Band of Susans, is merely the weakest part of that band's stellar contribution to this program. exempli gratia.

On a totally unrelated note, I do enjoy the way my muffled, post-bedtime baritone renders that Mark Lanegan album title as "The Whining Sheet," which sounds about right! Though we appreciate Mark Lanegan at the Catharsis compound.

Speaking of bands, and fandom, we hope that special things are going to happen very soon; we are working on them. Specific promises would of course jinx all of our plans. Nevertheless, the August 14 transmission will be the last "current music" episode for the next couple of weeks as we will spend the last part of the month trying to address some glaring omissions and old loves.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 August 7, 2100-2300:

  1. Muddy Waters, "Let's Spend the Night Together" [Chess]
  2. Downtown Party Network: "Owls Don't Cry" [Best Kept Secret]
  3. Bibio: "Look at Orion!" [Warp]
  4. Band of Susans: "Which Dream Came True" [Dutch East India Trading] / "Physical Evidence"
  5. Ken Camden: "Spectacle" [Kranky]
  6. The Dentists: "I Had An Excellent Dream" [Trouble in Mind]
  7. Pure X: "Written in the Slime" [Acephale]
  8. The Jesters: "Peter Gunn Twist" [TT Shaker]
  9. Boozoo Bajou: "Kodiak" [R & S / Apollo]
  10. Tijuana Panthers: "Baby I'm Bored" [Innovative Leisure]
  11. Mark Lanegan: "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" [Sub Pop] / "Listening Parlour"
  12. Psychic TV: "Godstar - Hyperdelic Mix" [Temple]
  13. Band of Susans: "Child of the Moon" [Dutch East India Trading] / "Physical Evidence"
  14. Tom Waits: "Goodnight Irene" [ANTI-] / "Listening Parlour"
  15. The Orb featuring Lee "Scratch" Perry: "Golden Clouds - Blue Space White Cloud 81neutrons rmx" [Cooking Vinyl]
  16. Survival: "Triumph of the Good" [Thrill Jockey]
  17. Beaches: "Dune" [Chapter]
  18. Peter Gordon & Factory Floor: "C Side" [Optimo]
  19. Band of Susans: "I Found That Essence Rare" [Dutch East India Trading] / "Physical Evidence"
  20. The Genteels: "Take It Off" [TT Shaker]
  21. Band of Susans: "Throne of Blood" [Dutch East India Trading] / "Physical Evidence"
  22. Swamp Dogg: "Honky Tonk Woman" [Alive]
  23. Thomas Dinger: "Für Euch" [Bureau B]

next time: depends on which "episode" we're talking about, but most likely some fun with Bandcamp and Soundcloud, in the absence of actual hard media during this summer lull. Enjoy the music! --kid Catharsis