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Jul 2013

I Was Born on My Way to the Sun: Transmission 43, 2013 July 6

July 14, 2013

cabaretvoltairecovenant.jpegI don't even remember why this particular program happened, but it did. Another "Test Pattern" provides another opportunity to play out my hypothesis that most Cabaret Voltaire music works best around midnight or later. I am so excited to play them that I almost slip in an extra track at the end.

Something was wrong with our studio mic channels for about 3 days, this being one of them. Fortunately, distortion is a kind of compression, so that cut down on the amount of editing I had to do! I am hoping you will find the results "artistic" and in perfect keeping with the drum sound on those Bass Drum of Death and Cabaret Voltaire records.

So, you are thinking--who am I kidding, you are not thinking this--what took him so long to post this if he didn't even have to work on the file? It's been a week full of problems, yo! We had to miss our time slot on Wednesday the 10th, for reasons that have fortunately resolved themselves, and a whole bunch of other stuff happened.

Among the "other stuff" were three "moments of clarity" I had--one was actually Saturday evening, prior to this broadcast, when I found myself wondering why I was going to the trouble of putting a show together. I think maybe I am doing too much radio and it is producing a diminishing return of enjoyment. Seems early to be feeling this, but it is a real thing that happened.

Another came on Monday when I realized that I'd more or less blown up the Internet by talking to Dif Juz and, through the magic of "Six Degrees" and hyperlinks, managed to generate some time-delayed negativity for a third party--I know, right? Drama? Me? That again made me wonder where all of this was going.

Finally, when I had to cancel Wednesday night's show and the world didn't stop spinning, I sort of put these three moments together, feeling that this project is of dubious, limited benefit and, because of the person running it, always a step away from potential harm.

I'll let you in on something. Early on I discovered that, aside from being a kind of therapy, this radio/blog project could help me learn things about human interaction that I'd never figured out [for whatever reason--laziness, Asperger's, misanthropy, etc.]. COULD. It's not working out quite that way, perhaps because I am too lazy to put the work in, perhaps because I am a bad learner, perhaps because they are not "things" to be "learned." I don't know.

I hope everyone realizes that these posts are mostly for me, one way or another--either they serve as a journal of something nice that happened for me, or they serve as a reminder of me after I'm gone. It's nice that a couple of people have read one or two of these along the way. I'm grateful for the attention because I'm needy like that. But ultimately it doesn't matter. It's great that you're here, it's cool that you're reading this, but you can always just "PageDn" until you hit the sound file, or subscribe on iTunes where you don't have to read a thing, if you prefer. I don't want to impose.

Existential crises aside, I don't feel like this is finished, even if "this" is just a stupid music program. It keeps rolling on, which is alright for now. I don't want to jinx it, so I will accept it as a gift. I am not sure what else to do. Maybe endeavor to be more careful with words. Or maybe use fewer. I know, I know.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 July 6-7, 2300-0100

  1. Twin Tigers: "Blackmail" [Old Flame]
  2. Semi-Colon: "Ebenebe" [Comb & Razor]
  3. Pantaleimon: "Morning Star" [Grass Girl]
  4. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: "Goboi" [Echo Beach]
  5. Huruma Boys Band: "Teresia" [Soundway]
  6. Cabaret Voltaire: "Hells Home" [Some Bizarre / Virgin] / "Physical Evidence"
  7. Nadine Shah: "Cry Me a River" [R & S / Apollo]
  8. Gatanga Boys Band: "Wendo Ti Mbia" [Soundway]
  9. Cabaret Voltaire: "Whip Blow" [Some Bizarre / Virgin] / "Physical Evidence"
  10. Kinski: "Conflict Free Diamonds" [Kill Rock Stars]
  11. Bass Drum of Death: "Shattered Me" [Innovative Leisure]
  12. The Chameleons: "Nathan's Phase" [Blue Apple]
  13. Siriusmo: "Itchy" [Monkeytown]
  14. Ripperton: "No More Airplanes" [Green]
  15. David August: "Watch Your Step" [DIYNamic]
  16. Boom Bip & Charlie White: "Georgia" [Lex]
  17. Cabaret Voltaire: "Golden Halos" [Some Bizarre / Virgin] / "Physical Evidence"
  18. Big Star: "Kanga Roo - Rough Mix/1974" [Omnivore]
  19. This Mortal Coil: "Kangaroo (7 inch)" [4AD]
  20. Thee Spivs: "Social Network" [Damaged Goods]
  21. The Lulus Band: "Nana" [Soundway]
  22. Cyanide Pills: "Johnny Thunders Lived in Leeds" [Damaged Goods]
  23. Winston Edwards, Blackbeard: "Airport Smuggling" [Studio 16]
  24. Morphosis: "Music for Vampyr: (iii) Finale" [Honest Jon's]
  25. Cabaret Voltaire: "The Arm of the Lord" [Some Bizarre / Virgin] / "Physical Evidence"
  26. oOoOO: "5:51 AM" [Nihjgt Feelings]

next time: you must fight to live. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

p.s. Hey Yo--I had meant to say something about how incredible Nadine Shah's music is, but there was no context for such a statement. Here it is. It's incredible. Pay attention.