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Nov 2013

Laika and the Luddite Machine: Transmission 70, 2013 November 6

November 8, 2013

This was a special evening five months in the making, and one of the "special things" I said I was working on during the summer. I explain everything during the broadcast, but I badly wanted Laika & The Luddite Machine to come play on my show, live. And I rarely get to say this about a program, but I think it could hardly have gone better than it did. There's no better "Physical Evidence" than a live band, and what a performance this was.

We are once again in the midst of fundraising at WRFI, so feel free to give us your money anytime. I say this not only as a plea but also an explanation for why there is so much talk during this program. I was such a Chatty Cathy during this broadcast, I can hardly believe it, listening back. Anyway, I am joined by Dan Aloi, host of the "Press Record and Play" program, and we discuss such things as downtown parking, road managers, "top five" lists, good and bad requests, bumper stickers, Jeff Beck, and restraining orders.

Somewhere in here there are four pieces of music by the band, which speak for themselves, at least until the band enters the control room to do some actual talking.

A magical night, this was, and we hope to have more like it soon--maybe with less "me" and more songs. It will be a relief to pipe down next Wednesday.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 November 6, 2100-2300:

  1. "New Dimensions in Sound" | Public Service Broadcasting | Inform - Educate - Entertain | Test Card
  2. "Positive Noise" | System 7 & A Guy Called Gerald | Up | A-Wave
  3. "Untitled 1" | Laika & The Luddite Machine | live in studio
  4. "Untitled 2" | Laika & The Luddite Machine | live in studio
  5. "Untitled 3" | Laika & The Luddite Machine | live in studio
  6. "Untitled 4" | Laika & The Luddite Machine | live in studio
  7. "Station" | Here Are the Facts You Requested | All My Favourite Things At Once | Testing Ground
  8. "I Want To Be the Last Song / You Hear Before You Die" | The Feeling of Love | Reward Your Grace | Born Bad

Next time: walking a million miles for one of your frozen smiles. ENJOY THE MUSIC. You have no choice! --kid catharsis