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Sep 2013

Literally Can Also Mean Figuratively: Transmission 54, 2013 August 17

September 30, 2013

doingitforthekids.jpegAnother day, another "Test Pattern" in the style of Bombast. As is common with these "extra" episodes, the "Listening Parlour" is closed--Lady Catharsis is tough to wrangle--but there is some "Physical Evidence" to share, a nice piece of it too. Also, we officially enter "retro August" during this program, for better or worse.

When an episode languishes on the shelf for a long time, as this one has, I have trouble recalling the specific circumstances of the program, unless they were extra special. I know that I'd picked up the habit of following DJ Helen's "Hip Hop Don't Stop" program because she didn't enjoy closing down the building by herself. I tried, regularly, to get someone else to do a shift at this time; surprisingly, there was little interest in a Saturday 11pm slot. Since I wasn't going to show up at that hour just to be an escort, I went ahead and did some full programs.

The Clinton House, for those of you who haven't visited, can be somewhat creepy at that hour. It's a big building--it used to be a hotel--and we're typically its only occupant who is active late at night. The exterior doors do lock automatically at a certain hour, but there are lots of places for people to hide. I was alone in the building one night when the power went out--that was fun! And DJ Helen swears that she has seen a ghost walk through one of the building's walls. I have not witnessed such a thing, which I guess proves that I'm not cool enough to hang with ghosts.

Speaking of--man, does that Doing It For The Kids record bring me back. It should come with a trigger warning!

Also--if you don't own the Buick album, you need to get it, yesterday if not sooner. It's even on iTunes, for god's sake, so no excuses.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 August 17-18, 2300-0100:

  1. "Bubblecloud" | Scarper! | Unfurl | Plexus
  2. "Life Ain't Enough for You" | Asia Argento with The Legendary Tigerman | Total Entropy | Nuun
  3. "Slowdive (live)" | Siouxsie and the Banshees | Nocturne | Polydor
  4. "Drugs" | This Mortal Coil | Come Here My Love | 4AD
  5. "Defcon 3" | Man or Astro-Man? | Defcon 5...4...3...2...1 | Communicating Vessels
  6. "How Ghosts Affect Relationships" | His Name Is Alive | Livonia | 4AD
  7. "Cut Me Deep" | The Jasmine Minks | Doing It For The Kids | Creation | "Physical Evidence"
  8. "Child Bride" / "Cheganca" | 17 Pygmies | Jedda By the Sea + Captured In Ice | Les Temps Modernes
  9. "A Beautiful Thought (pt. 2)" | The Durutti Column | Treatise on the Steppenwolf | Factory Benelux
  10. "S950" | Gold Panda | Half of Where You Live | Ghostly International
  11. "High Test" | Chance | In Search | Paradise of Bachelors
  12. "Sweet Retreat" | The Creepers | Rock 'n' Roll Liquorice Flavour | Red Rhino
  13. "Super Falling Star" | Stereolab | Volume Four | Volume
  14. "Cigarette in Your Bed" | My Bloody Valentine | Doing It For The Kids | Creation | "Physical Evidence"
  15. "White Tornado" | R.E.M. | Dead Letter Office | I.R.S.
  16. Kan Kill! | Stockholm Monsters | All At Once | Les Temps Modernes
  17. "Godevil" | The Times | Doing It For The Kids | Creation | "Physical Evidence"
  18. "Pandora's Box" | Anne Clark | Changing Places | Red Flame
  19. "Stealth Dub" | Blind Idiot God | Blind Idiot God | SST
  20. "Lot 49" | The Jazz Butcher | Doing It For The Kids | Creation | "Physical Evidence"
  21. "Time Zones" | Negativland | Escape from Noise | SST
  22. "Homage to Lucien Freud" | Buick | Sweatertongue | Lather
  23. "OSCAR" | Will Saul Presents CLOSE | Closer | Studio K7
  24. "Ne Me Fatigue Pas" | Bassekou Kouyate + Ngoni Ba | Jama Ko | Out Here
  25. "She Paints" | Biff Bang Pow! | Doing It For The Kids | Creation | "Physical Evidence"
  26. "Drugs" | Talking Heads | Fear of Music | Sire - Rhino

next time: moar dub for the people. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis