Nuit des nocturnes: Transmission 151, 2014 September 15


breathless-blue-moon.jpegListening to this program could work at any time, really, depending on what sort of person you are, but it was "designed" for nighttime and that is when it happened live. Occasionally I fall victim to ironic timing, and this was such a case: I had just aired a two-hour Hall of Legends induction for Breathless when I managed to hunt down the rare double-cd edition of Blue Moon. It would have been nice to have some honest-to-goodness "Physical Evidence" for that program [although--try finding "The Warmest Kiss" anywhere] but I don't know how I would have worked in a track 20 minutes or more in length. So I guess things worked out for the best.

What's more, this is also a well-executed program! It's been a long, rough summer. How nice it is to have a non-embarrassing podcast. I'm going to savor this one.

BOMBAST playlist, 2014 September 15-16, 2300-0100:

  1. "The Executioner" | The Black Angels | Clear Lake Forest | Blue Horizon
  2. "Moonstone 1" | Breathless | Blue Moon | Tenor Vossa
  3. "Shut Me Down" | Rowland S. Howard | Pop Crimes | Fat Possum
  4. "Octo Realm - Ketamine Sun" | The Fall | The Unutterable | Let Them Eat Vinyl
  5. "Hollow Wave" | Bremen | Second Launch | Blackest Ever Black
  6. "Protect The Revolution" | Not Waving | Intercepts | Ecstatic
  7. "Rally Round Jah's Throne" | Bad Brains | Live At CBGB 1982 | MVD Audio
  8. "Ash" | Shivers | Shivers | Miasmah
  9. "Night In New Chiang Saen" | Black Rain | Dark Pool | Blackest Ever Black
  10. "Moonstone 2" | Breathless | Blue Moon | Tenor Vossa
  11. "IIHX" | Loops Haunt | IIVA | Black Acre
  12. "Sternenmeer" | Driftmachine | Nocturnes | Umor-Rex
  13. "Corinivm" | July Skies | Dreaming of Spires | Rocket Girl
  14. "When You Go" | Tricky | Adrian Thaws | False Idols

next time: practice makes perfect. enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

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