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Nov 2014

Plant Lilies At My Head: Transmission 164, 2014 November 4

November 14, 2014

tropicofcancerrestlessidylls.jpgHere is a FUN(d)raising program, usually one of the lowlights of the year. I hate these money drives with all my heart. I became a Marxist not just because I hated Ronald Reagan but also out of a deep-seated belief that people ought to just give me stuff without my having to ask. I guess at this point there are about a half-dozen fundraiser programs in the archive, and this is nowhere near the worst, thanks mostly to Steph, who makes two brief appearances (can you hear my heart breaking when I find out she has to leave halfway through? There are only, maybe, four or five humans I can tolerate in the cockpit while I am DJing, so when one of them happens to be around, I don't want it to end).

Anyway, since I didn't have any luminaries on hand to perform in-studio, I thought I would roll out the second Festival Of Evidence, which is sort of what passes for a yearly roundup in these parts. I consider "best of" programs and lists more or less anathema to independent music (the Festive Fifty was...alright, I guess), and let's face it, "what I think" is less relevant than "what actually happened." Or, in some cases, what should have or almost happened, or what is about to happen.

BOMBAST playlist, 2014 November 4, 2100-2300:

  1. "Summer Nights" | 14 Iced Bears | Alvin Lives (In Leeds) | Midnight
  2. "(Varoom!)" | Stereolab | Low Fi | Too Pure
  3. "CIRCLONT6A (syrobonkus Mix)" | Aphex Twin | Syro | WARP
  4. "Waterline" | A Certain Ratio | Sextet | Factory Benelux
  5. "Listen Up! (Quasar Mix)" | A.R.K. | Listen Up! | Rough Trade
  6. "Pete's Riff" | The Durutti Column | Red Shoes | Materiali Sonori
  7. "The Hardest Day" | Tropic Of Cancer | Restless Idylls | Blackest Ever Black
  8. "I Want You" | Spiritualized | Fucked Up Inside | Plain
  9. "Crystal Pond [excerpt]" | Imaginary Softwoods | The Path of Spectrolite | Archives Interieures
  10. "Thick And Thin" | The Nightingales | For Fuck's Sake | self-released
  11. "Transmission" | Joy Division | The Complete BBC Recordings | True North
  12. "He Was" | © [Leslie Winer] | Witch | Transglobal
  13. "Mr. Romance" | The Children | Ghost Lights | Division 68
  14. "Grains Of Sand" | Opal | Early Recordings | Rough Trade
  15. "O.O.B.E. (live)" | The Orb | Volume 5 | Volume
  16. "Shift F1 (Inland Edit)" | Function | Synewave Reissues Part I: 1995-97 | Infrastructure New York
  17. "Plant Lilies At My Head" | Tropic Of Cancer | Restless Idylls | Blackest Ever Black
  18. "Untitled 4" | Laika + Luddite Machine | live in studio November 2013 | not on label

next time: you only have friends when you have money. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis