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Feb 2017

Project from Within the Cosmic Truth Which Is Yourself: Transmission 320, 2017 January 21

February 10, 2017

island_of_misfit_toys.jpg Here is my most recent "fill-in" program and the last one for the foreseeable future. (Just watch--tomorrow night someone will have an emergency and there I--THE HERO--will be.) It was predictable, but nonetheless worthy of remark, that Danny and I were both subbing for female DJs who had gone down to Washington DC to do some actual work. I must have done a good job--I managed to convince one (admittedly baked) caller that I was DJ Penelope. No doubt the whole "not talking" thing that I have lately pushed to extremes must have helped, but in the spirit of giving myself credit, I would like to think it was the music too.

This was an "overflow" program, consisting of a bunch of things that I hadn't managed to fit in over the course of the last year or so. Naturally I forced them to co-habitate and, occasionally, the segues were not terrible. I suppose more than a few of these were things I'd meant to play the night I opted out of radio on account of hitting my head. Dear god, how long ago was that, and was it where my troubles began? At any rate, I was true to my word, I think: this program may divert you but it will teach you nothing.

BOMBAST playlist, 2017 January 21, 2100-2300:

  1. "Beige Mantis" | Joey Anderson | Invisible Switch | Dekmantel
  2. "Bad Man Dub" | Singers and Players | War of Version | On-U Sound
  3. "Ghost Covenant" | CW/A | Words Unspoken, Acts Undone | Parachute
  4. "He's a Liquid (feat. Gazelle Twin)" | Wrangler | He's a Liquid | Metamatic
  5. "Naked" | Underspreche | Split | Optimo Trax
  6. "Melody Dub" | Bim Sherman | Trevor Jackson Presents: Science Fiction Dancehall Classics | On-U Sound
  7. "You're an Orchestra in the Cosmos - Rhodes Version" | Sebastian Mullaert | You're an Orchestra in the Cosmos | Green
  8. "Schwefel" | Oliver Huntemann | Pech & Schwefel | Senso Sounds
  9. "030" | Lonelady | He's a Liquid | Metamatic
  10. "Roffa Yet" | Phil Pratt | Star Wars Dub | Burning Sounds
  11. "Jono Filling Bin Bags" | Dog Chocolate | Snack Fans | Upset the Rhythm
  12. "Lovely Day Reprise" | Grand Pianoramax | Soundwave | Mental Groove
  13. "Hatem Imam the Love of the Millions" | Praed | The Fabrication of Silver Dreams | Annihaya
  14. "Satya" | Yokoo | Satya EP | Kindisch
  15. "4-2-Nite" | Gary Todd | Nora Lilian | BPitch Control
  16. "Stay Awake" | ASA MOTO | Stay Awake / Wanowan Efem | DEEWEE
  17. "Grass Will Grow" | John Lemke | Nomad Frequencies | Denovali
  18. "Basement Life" | Superchunk | Dope, Guns & Fucking In The Streets: 1988-1998 Volume 1-11 | Amphetamine Reptile
  19. "In These Times" | Tranquil Eyes | Domestic Landscape, Vol. 2: Underrated Synth Classics 1982-1990 | Domestica
  20. "Hippies" | Tigerskin | Time of Descent EP | Dirt Crew
  21. "Six Six Sixties" | Throbbing Gristle | 20 Jazz Funk Greats | Industrial - Mute
  22. "Incubator" | Ramleh | Circular Time | Crucial Blast
  23. "Hard and Tenderly" | The Residents | Shadowland | MVD Audio

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