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Aug 2013

Small Mammal With Whom I Live A Lie: Transmission 53, 2013 August 14

August 16, 2013

sounddafrique.jpegWe travel far and wide, and sometimes use magic, to bring you the best tunes here at Bombast. This week we feature Sound d'Afrique, one from the vaults, "literally"--as well as some internet treasures and illicit gems. Things turned out to be less musically "weird" than emotionally so. I just can't work up any feelings about the experience--I couldn't when it was happening, and I can't now! "Shallowness of affect," I'm telling you. There is this Kids in the Hall monologue / short in which Bruce McCulloch talks about "a dog for whom I feel nothing." To me this show is that dog. But it is a really cute dog, you guys:

Maybe someday this program and I will have a moment. That'd be nice! I'm not up to it right now. I'm just having a week. The music is good, though; I wouldn't lie to you about that. That Toiling Midgets bandcamp site is something everyone should visit, as is the Osaka Music Concern soundcloud. [thx Brian!] Finally, the "other" b-side of The Julia Sound's new single is available here. Apparently they are trying to set up a show in Ithaca--again, that'd be nice! As for A.R.Kane, whose song TJS covers, they will have their moment, sooner or later.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 August 14, 2100-2300:

  1. DJ Hell and Klaus Nomi: "Cold Song 2013 - DJ Hell Official Remix" [International Deejay Gigolo]
  2. Pablo: "Bo Mbanda" [Mango] / "Physical Evidence"
  3. Jaw & Kevork Keshishian: "Hazihi Laylaty - Soul Clap Remix" [Circus Company]
  4. Asia Argento & Tim Burgess: "Ours" [Nuun]
  5. Hooded Fang: "Trasher" [Full Time Hobby]
  6. Sampleman: "Meadow Meal" [Soundcloud self-release]
  7. UNER: "Bonheur, Pt. 1" [Cadenza]
  8. Kambou Clement: "Dounougnan" [Mango] / "Physical Evidence"
  9. Jay Farrar: "Damn Shame" [Artemis / Sheridan Square] / "Listening Parlour"
  10. Jeri-Jeri with Ale & Khadim Mboup: "Casamance" [Ndagga]
  11. Camera: "Meteor" [8MM Musik]
  12. Toiling Midgets: "Snothead Goonsquad" [Bandcamp self-release]
  13. Julia Holter: "Horns Surrounding Me" [Domino]
  14. Etoile de Dakar: "Jalo" [Mango] / "Physical Evidence"
  15. The Human League: "Being Boiled" [Caroline / Virgin] / "Listening Parlour"
  16. Section 25: "Bad News Week" [Factory Benelux]
  17. Tijuana Panthers: "Forbidden Fruit" [Innovative Leisure]
  18. Mount Kimbie: "You Took Your Time" [Warp]
  19. The Charlatans: "Over Rising" [Volume]
  20. The Julia Sound: "When You're Sad" [Bandcamp self-release]

p.s. I wasn't aware of it when I was on the air--bad news travelling slowly, I guess--but Charlatans drummer Jon Brookes passed on this Tuesday. May he rest in peace.