Swell As Hell, Pussycats On Ice: Transmission 160, 2014 October 21


cramps-smell-of-female.jpegHere is a regular Tuesday night "alpha" program--I seem to be doing only these of late, and it is kind of nice. Perhaps I am settling into DJ middle age. The Cramps provide our "physical evidence" tonight, which is most definitely a positive. Nevertheless, I am the constant, and I am who I am. Things do not always go as planned. I got some nice kudos on the night, but I told the truth at the beginning of this program. I was not with it. I had not eaten. Life had intervened.

How so, you (didn't) ask? I'd been to the gym beforehand. Yes, I am one of those people. Before you judge, I frequent a tragically ludicrous gym where things like this happen. (That's not me in the vid, by the way, but whatevs.) I need my serotonin because I suffer from depression, you see, and prescription meds don't work. Am I a health nut? No. Do I refrain from self-destructive eating and drinking habits? Hell and no. AAR we've got some dodgy cardio machines there, and dodgy people responsible for maintaining those machines. Apparently $10/mo doesn't get you first-class gear or service! I had to try four different machines before finding one that would actually display my heart rate instead of telling me I didn't have one. That cost me time, you see, and no time means no sandwich. Maybe I should have prepared better, given myself more time, packed some food, you are thinking? STFU you are not my mother. [Sorry, Mom.] [She reads this, you see.]

Anyway when I have expended a lot of energy and don't put any back in, I think segues are good when they aren't, I mis-cue things, I get European countries confused, and I hold conversations with people who cannot properly be heard. Sadly we are not BBC1 and I am not John Peel and I can't get on mic, say "I'm hungry" and have some rando bring me a biryani. That is just not happening. So we're all stuck with this.

BOMBAST playlist, 2014 October 21, 2100-2300:

  1. "Endless Ceremony - Rocketnumbernine Remix" | Michele Mininni | Endless Ceremony | Curle
  2. "Fifteen Flies In The Marmalade" | The Legendary Pink Dots | Asylum | Jnana
  3. "Fair" | Future 3 | With & Without | Morr
  4. "Dangerous Bees" | Vaudou Game | Apiafo | Hot Casa
  5. "mmmhm" | Felicita | Frenemies | Gum
  6. "Tiecolom-Ba (feat. Idrissa Soumaro)" | Les Ambassadeurs | Les Ambassadeurs Du Motel De Bamako, Vol. 2 | Sterns Africa
  7. "Traffic" | Djedjotronic | Drum Program | boysnoize
  8. "Merko Mirologi  (A Lament For More Time)" | Manthos Halkias And Folk Orchestra | Five Days Married And Other Laments: Song And "Dance From Northern Greece (1928-1958) | Angry Mom | "Listening Parlour"
  9. "Sunka Muluma" | Ngozi Family | Day of Judgement | Now-Again
  10. "Like Shooting A Fish In A Barrel" | Not Waving | Intercepts | Ecstatic
  11. "On The Beach" | The Paragons | My Best Girl Wears My Crown (Rock Steady 1966-1968) | Trojan
  12. "Lydia" | Dauwd | Kompakt: Total 14 | Kompakt
  13. "Fall In Luv (Grip Ov Death)" | Fontarrian | VLV | Antime
  14. "Jah Jah Protect We" | Tippa Lee | Meaning of Dub | Stones Throw
  15. "Three Thumbs Up" | Spray Paint | Cussin' | Upset The Rhythm
  16. "Quadrat Ichendorf" | Schlammpeitziger | What's Fruit? | Pingipung
  17. "Time Stopped - Instrumental" | Souls of Mischief | There Is Only Now (Remix) | Linear Labs
  18. "Barbara" | Ulli Bomans | Riven | Shitkatapult
  19. "I Decoded You (Moogies Bloogies, Pt. 2)" | Delia Derbyshire & Anthony Newley | Moogies Bloogies | Trunk
  20. "Meaning of Dub" | Tippa Irie | Meaning of Dub | Stones Throw
  21. "Love Is" | Shirley & Company | Shame, Shame, Shame | Vibration
  22. "A New Kind of Lovin'" | Eden Kane | Slow Grind Fever | Stag-O-Lee
  23. "Morning Glory" | Anomie | Permanent Revelation | All In Your Mind
  24. "Rasta People" | Josey Wales | Meaning of Dub | Stones Throw
  25. "Workin' Out" | Ernie Fields | Slow Grind Fever | Stag-O-Lee
  26. "Thee Most Exalted Potentate Of Love" | The Cramps | Smell Of Female | Enigma | "Physical Evidence"
  27. "You Got Good Taste" | The Cramps | Smell Of Female | Enigma | "Physical Evidence"
  28. "Call Of The Wighat" | The Cramps | Smell Of Female | Enigma | "Physical Evidence"
  29. "Faster Pussycat" | The Cramps | Smell Of Female | Enigma | "Physical Evidence"
  30. "I Ain't Nuthin' But A Gorehound" | The Cramps | Smell Of Female | Enigma | "Physical Evidence"
  31. "Psychotic Reaction" | The Cramps | Smell Of Female | Enigma | "Physical Evidence"
  32. "Estrogen" | Ravioli Me Away | The Inevitable Album | Good Job
  33. "Latin American Ficciones" | Peter Matthew Bauer | Liberation! | Kemado - Mexican Summer
  34. "Grief (In)" | You Still Have Friends | Close EP | Transition
  35. "Red Opium" | Function & Vatican Shadow | Games Have Rules | Hospital Productions

next time: friend or faux? Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

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