The Look of a Stranger Is Almost a Smile: Transmission 244, 2015 October 28


loopwolfflow.jpgI went on quite a rant last time out, so I'll try to keep this entry mostly positive. Let's try some remembrances. This Loop record featured in the program brings me back to a simpler, more active time. Back in this period I would walk or bike my way through my problems, instead of eating and drinking my way through them. Apparently I had a lot of free time and not much food or drink. I would frequently have on my Walkman, because that's what we had in those days. Undoubtedly the music I listened to was loud, repetitive, and not-complex, whether it was self-made or other-made. I highly recommend this as a cheap and valuable therapy. I am after all a doctor.

Also, this Loop record (to which I once again do not do justice, although I guess there's always the imminent "Festival of Evidence" to rectify things) kind of reminds me of one particular turning point in history at which I decided I just "didn't get" where music was going. These people and Spacemen 3 were a really nice alternative in the late 1980s to the Seattle scene, and Wax Trax, and that god-awful "Acid House" coming from England. Just play one chord, run it through a fuzz/wah or a "repeat percussion," and repeat. Forever.

I prefer this, by the way, over Main and the other things Robert Hampson has done since. There is a Legend (to be precise, someone who could easily be a legend if they would just answer their damn email) with whom I would love to discuss this particular topic: the notion that sometimes you start out great and don't need to "develop." But that's for another day.

BOMBAST playlist, 2015 October 28, 2100-2300:

  1. "Venus" | The Exorcist GBG | The Exorcist GBG | Hoga Nord
  2. "Out of India" | Sun Temple Circus | Sun Temple Circus - Live | FUEGO
  3. "In the World of Moomin" | Folamour | Chapeau Rouge | Fauxpas
  4. "Kirin: Yama No Kami: Tango" | Bill Horist | Mutei: Music for Davida Monk's Dream Pavilion | Important
  5. "Mother" | Brian Dove / Danzig | not on album | self-released
  6. "Rocket USA" | Loop | Wolf Flow | Reactor | "Physical Evidence"
  7. "Make My Nana" | Schlammpeitziger | Dis Cover - Donna Regina As Recorded By | Karaoke Kalk
  8. "Sleepless" | Pan-Pot | The Other | Second State Audio
  9. "Off the Beaten Track" | African Head Charge | Trevor Jackson Presents: Science Fiction Dancehall Classics | On-U Sound
  10. "Send We a Sign" | Seekers International | Her Imperial Majesty | Boomarm Nation
  11. "Buffer Underun" | bossFYTE | Paralellabyes | DETROIT UNDERGROUND
  12. "Sunrise" | New Order | Low-Life | Rhino
  13. "Blinding Horses - Stableboy Version" | Regis | Manbait | Blackest Ever Black
  14. "Bleeding Star" | The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience | I Like Rain: The Story of the Jean-Paul Sartre Experience | Fire
  15. "Comanche" | Thee Headcoats | Elementary Headcoats [reissue] | Damaged Goods
  16. "Straight to Your Heart" | Loop | Wolf Flow | Reactor | "Physical Evidence"
  17. "Interruptions" | Urban Force | The Outer Space Connections | Ornaments
  18. "Unke" | Smallpeople & Rau | Smallville Ways - Ten Years | Smallville
  19. "Mojave Trail" | Night Plane | Moon Rock Volume 3 | Throne of Blood
  20. "Soundhead" | Loop | Wolf Flow | Reactor | "Physical Evidence"
  21. "Smile in the Crowd" | The Durutti Column | Another Setting [reissue] | Factory Benelux
  22. "Level 1" | Luca Agnelli | Solaris | Upon You
  23. "Collision" | Loop | Wolf Flow | Reactor | "Physical Evidence"
  24. "Fractal Shift" | Byron Westbrook | Precipice | Root Strata

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