The Ugly American: Transmission 135, 2014 July 4

00:0000:00 airtime just lands in my lap and I must figure out what to do with it. This is one of those times. The "Time Spent Listening" people were out of town, most of them, and Guy LeBatard was off chasing some Situationist adventure or other. The Fourth of July being the most redneck of all holidays, I often like to spend it hiding in a dark, quiet place, so the Kenny Ritter Memorial Studio seemed pretty hospitable on this day.

Confession: I just don't have as many records by Americans as I probably should, being one. It's mostly Africans, Jamaicans, and lots of Britons. I don't know what the explanation is. I could definitely use some more Bo Diddley, though. On that note, the only thing "more American" than Bo Diddley is money, and this was yet another program where I had to talk about it, so that happens.

BOMBAST playlist, 2014 July 4, 1900-2100:

"How Far Can Too Far Go?" | The Cramps | A Date With Elvis | Big Beat
"Yella Pocahontas" | Champion Jack Dupree | Forever And Ever | Rounder
"Legs" | Massacre | Hard Cell | Celluloid
"No No Man (part one)" | Steven Jesse Bernstein | Prison | Sub Pop
"Sabrosa" | The Beastie Boys | The In Sound From Way Out! | Capitol
"Balanced On It's Own Flame" | Labradford | A Stable Reference | kranky
"That's The Way" | Tom Waits | The Black Rider | Island
"My Disco" | Big Black | Headache | Touch And Go
"Johnsonius" | David Johansen | A Diamond Hidden In The Mouth Of A Corpse | Giorno Poetry Systems
"Blind" | TV On The Radio | Young Liars | Touch And Go
"Sharevari" | The Dirtbombs | Party Store | In The Red
"Tiger In Your Tank" | Phantom 309 | A Sinister Alphabet | Tupelo
"Shine" | For Against | Echelons | Independent Project
"Waiting Room" | Fugazi | 13 Songs | Dischord
"Omaha" | The Golden Palominos | Hard Cell | Celluloid
"NOBO" | Tijuana Panthers | Wayne Interest | Innovative Leisure
"Lixus (Version Analogique)" | Keith Fullerton Whitman | Schöner Flußengel | kranky
"The Whispering Queen" | Here Are The Facts You Requested | Western Summit | Bandcamp self-release
"Ineffect" | Material | Seven Souls | Virgin
"Dreamland" | Carl Craig | More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art | Planet E
"Mall Muzak: Building A Highway / Puppy Polka / Party Girls" | David Byrne | Sounds From True Stories | Sire
"Artificial Heart" | Soul Asylum | Clam Dip And Other Delights | Twin/Tone
"Total Trash" | Sonic Youth | Daydream Nation | Goofin'
"Road Runner" | Bo Diddley | His Greatest Sides Volume 1 | Chess
"Blaming The Messenger" | Pell Mell | Flow | SST

next time: open attachments, tk. 2. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

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