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Aug 2016

Then They Expect You To Pick a Career: Transmission 295, 2016 August 10

August 30, 2016

green_cefalexin_pills.jpg Investing emotionally in dates, remembrances, and symbolism is an unfortunate habit of mine. A lingering vestige of my Catholic upbringing, maybe, this tendency has left my calendar littered with "important" dates of varying heaviness. This one is a feast day, that one is a solemn observance, this other one requires a duty of me, and so on. It's exhausting on more than one level.

Of course this was a regularly scheduled Hump Night program, and could have been (in my mind), but then again it actually was (in the real world), because the drama was so far backstage it wasn't happening in three-dimensional space. At some point in the past, Grandma Catharsis told me that August 10 was the day I was due to be born. I was late. I am always late! It has become the story of my life. I have internalized this narrative. Would you have gleaned any of this from the program content, had I not told you? "Holy Night," maybe, but that could mean anything. Of course the answer is "no." But it was meaningful to me. I was keeping vigil. Does that act produce a trace of energy, perceptible beneath the noise, that somehow survives in this bit-starved .mp3? Who is to say?

This content might have appeared later, had I not claimed a timeslot two nights prior, in a fit of "rank opportunism." Time is a funny thing! Anyway, August 8 is yet another "holy night" of an entirely different kind, silly and grave all at once. It's a bookend. The other is coming.

Finally, due to a time difference, and an actual birthday, this night should have marked the re-opening of the Hall of Legends but due to my own indecision and crippling shyness that didn't happen. Once again I am late with an important thing.

BOMBAST playlist, 2016 August 10, 2100-2300:

  1. "I Am a Strange Machine Sometimes" | VoX LoW | Correspondant Compilation 04 | Correspondant
  2. "Holy Night" | Brandt Brauer Frick | Holy Night & Pure Magic | K7 / Because Music
  3. "Capsule Sickness" | Necro Deathmort | The Capsule | Rocket
  4. "Bonnie Said" | Dollkraut | Correspondant Compilation 04 | Correspondant
  5. "Edge of Keys" | Rosas Nievas | Going Away Soon | Scissor & Thread
  6. "That Lake Inside My Bedroom" | Building Castles out of Matchsticks | VA Compilation #4 | Assembly Field
  7. "Tirez Tirez" | Roger Damawuzan & Les As du Benin | Wait for Me | Hot Casa
  8. "Naked in the Afternoon" | Brian Harris | Behind the Mask | self-released
  9. "HWT" | Commodo | How What Time | Black Acre
  10. "Madness" | Weval | Weval | Kompakt
  11. "Heart Dub" | Skin, Flesh & Bones | Dub in Blood | Pressure Sounds
  12. "Hundreds, Tens & Units" | The Twelve Hour Foundation | The Delaware Road | Buried Treasure
  13. "Picture of a Dying Glacier" | James Ostand | VA Compilation #4 | Assembly Field
  14. "Blood in the Cups - Dominic Mitchison Remix" | Spectres | Dead | Sonic Cathedral
  15. "Section 3 - Working Class Hero" | Penny Rimbaud's L'Academie des Vanites | Yes Sir, the Truth of Revolution | Cold Spring
  16. "Green" | The Gasman | Aeriform | Onomatopoeia
  17. "Concrete" | Cleric | Infrastructure Facticity | Infrastructure New York
  18. "Blue Mint" | Ricardo Tobar | Dots & Pearls 3 | Cocoon
  19. "In the Jungle (Instrumental)" | The Hygrades | Wake Up You! The Rise and Fall of Nigerian Rock, Vol. 1 (1972-1977) | Now-Again
  20. "Hex These Rules" | Hologram Teen | Marsangst / Hex These Rules | Happy Robots
  21. "Visions of Summer" | Causa Sui | Summer Sessions, Vol. 1 | El Paraiso

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