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Feb 2020

They Don’t Call Me Loverboy for Nothing: Transmission 498, 2019 November 27

February 13, 2020

Isaac-Hayes-turban.jpg"The spirits are with us tonight," I say to my co-pilot, Lady Catharsis. It's true--this was a good program on a festive occasion. Since its inception on Thanksgiving Eve 2012, the Bombastic hullabaloo has claimed the Wednesday of Thanksgiving Week, a "moveable feast," as its birthday. For various reasons we haven't always been able to observe it. We were able to mark it in 2013; I won't link to that one because, reasons. Inexplicably in 2014 the program had moved to Tuesday night, but I was gifted the opportunity to make something special happen.

Years and years ago, I had come to view Thanksgiving as my favorite holiday; about a decade ago it took on some baggage. In 2009 my previous life ended, and the unraveling began in November. Thanksgiving happened a couple of weeks later, and (I like to think) unrelatedly Junior had a meltdown right before dinner. I haven't really been able to tolerate yelling since; is that TMI? Anyway, for a couple of years everything in my life got worse; I was in a really dark place in the time period I describe in this broadcast, when my personal hero Jim Murphy foisted me upon the innocent listeners of the Southern Tier on that fateful night. He saved my life, and he redeemed Thanksgiving--except for the whole genocide thing, I guess, which I am inexcusably bracketing.

There's also the fact that between 2014 and 2018 the Catharsis Family was living in a tiny upstairs apartment, having been chased out of our previous rental by a psychotic landlord who (I'm not kidding) traumatized me and probably the rest of my family as well. A minor inconvenience in all this was that our kitchen was too small to prepare big meals, and we would travel out of state to my brother's house for Thanksgiving each of these years. In 2019 we finally grew up and bought a house, so we stuck around over the break.

Hey, you know, sorry if this is personal and non-musical and dull but the program is me, I am the program, this is the archive, write me for a refund if you like.

Since this program was broadcast, 78 days ago now, I've gone on the air 13 times. I just finished listening to a transmission from 44 days ago. I'm currently editing a sound file from 29 days ago--5 shows ago. I just did a show last night and am awake in the pre-dawn hours because for some reason I couldn't sleep. Yet somehow my memory is sharpening. I don't even know if that is idiomatically correct but it feels right so I am going with it.

Anyway there were good vibes flying around the studio on this night. The research team was busy, "informing" our listeners about needle time, Jeremy Clarkson, and Two Thousand Maniacs!, among other things. "Records as gifts" was our theme for the evening, and for once a themed program was non-disastrous. I can't speak for Lady Catharsis but as I peruse this playlist I am glad to say that I'm no longer the person I was when I received any of these records, thankful though I was and am. Every day brings new possibilities!

BOMBAST playlist, 2019 November 27, 2100-2300:

  1. "Big Sex" | T.A.G. | Big Sex | Sweatbox
  2. "Spanish Castle Magic" | The Jimi Hendrix Experience | BBC Sessions | MCA / Experience Hendrix
  3. "Fabric" | Toiling Midgets | Son | Matador
  4. "May This Be Love" | Thin White Rope | Squatter's Rights | Frontier
  5. "Are You Ready To Come? (With Me) Pt.1" | USAries | Personal Space (Electronic Soul 1974 - 1984) | Chocolate Industries
  6. "Do You Love Me?" | Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds | Let Love In | BMG / Mute
  7. "Do Your Thing" | Isaac Hayes | Shaft (Music From the Soundtrack) | Stax
  8. "Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad" | Wanda Jackson | Rockin' With Wanda | Wax Love
  9. "Hot Doggie" | Colourbox | Colourbox (box set) | 4AD
  10. "Fire" | The Buff Medways | Fire | Friends Of The Buff Medway Fanciers Association
  11. "Manic Depression" | Throwing Muses | Firepile E.P. (Part One) | 4AD
  12. "Winter (John Peel Session 15/9/81)" | The Fall | Hex Enduction Hour [reissue] | Cherry Red
  13. "Loverboy" | Wally Lewis | The Other Side of Bakersfield, Vol. 1: 1950s & 60s Boppers and Rockers from "Nashville West" | Bear Family
  14. "Get It Together" | James Brown | Star Time | Polydor
  15. "Shut Up" | Here Are the Facts You Requested | Shocks + Struts | Elevator Pop Gallery
  16. "Time to Go Home" | Otis G. Johnson | Personal Space (Electronic Soul 1974 - 1984) | Chocolate Industries

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