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Aug 2013

Thick and Freaky: Transmission 48, 2013 July 27

August 5, 2013

cabaretvoltairemicrophonies.jpegTonight's program was planned, in the sense that I intended to spring upon my brother the "opportunity" to do radio with me while he was visiting; it was unplanned in the sense that we thought we were going on air later in the evening until DJ Helen Stride called in sick. So this tag-team extravaganza turned out to be more "prime time" than I thought.

Anyway, did you know DJ Segundo was a former radio president? Neither did I! Not until the day of the program. I'm not lying when I say that my brain has blocked out a chunk of the late 1980s. I hope I didn't miss much else!

Both doing this program, and listening to it afterwards, were a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Oh, in keeping with the usual mistakes I always make, Hot Buttered Soul was actually the second LP by Isaac Hayes. And they do pronounce the title in the song. That's what I get for not listening to Isaac Hayes since this happened. Anyway.

BOMBAST PLAYLIST, 2013 July 27, 2100-2300:

  1. Blackalicious: "A to G" [Quannum]
  2. Boom Bip & Charlie White: "Baylee" [Lex]
  3. The Flaming Lips: "She Don't Use Jelly" [Warner Bros.]
  4. Cabaret Voltaire: "Do Right" [Some Bizarre / Virgin] / "Physical Evidence"
  5. Crystal Castles: "Vanished" [Last Gang]
  6. Swamp Dogg: "Sal-A-Faster" [Alive]
  7. The Black Keys: "No Trust" [Fat Possum]
  8. Felt: "Space Blues" [Creation]
  9. Gary Clark Jr.: "Don't Owe You a Thang" [Warner Bros.]
  10. Cold Showers: "The Fire" [Dais]
  11. Shitmat: "Argos" [Planet Mu]
  12. DJ Krush: "Beyond Raging Waves (feat. Shin'ichi Kinoshita) [Sony]
  13. Cabaret Voltaire: "Spies in the Wires" / "Theme from Earthshaker" [Some Bizarre / Virgin] / "Physical Evidence"
  14. Giant Panda: "Classic Rock" [Tres]
  15. Isaac Hayes: "Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic" [Enterprise]
  16. Gyedu-Blay Ambolley: "Kwaakwaa" [Academy]
  17. Mos Def: "Quiet Dog" [Downtown]
  18. Cabaret Voltaire: "Sensoria" [Some Bizarre / Virgin] / "Physical Evidence"
  19. Gorillaz: "All Alone" [EMI]

next time: she's coming over. Enjoy the music! --kid Catharsis