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Oct 2013

Trouble Every Day - I’m Working On It: Transmission 66, 2013 October 16

October 21, 2013

Tonight, we forgo "The Listening Parlour" and "Junior Selector," but we do see the return of "Physical Evidence" in the form of the new Fuzztones tribute record. This brings the tally in our contest against iTunes to a gazillion to one, give or take a few, in our favor. Someone actually called and asked what year one of the songs was recorded, and it delighted me to be able to answer, "2013." In the beginning, the dream was to play "old" music that sounded new. New music that sounds old, though? I guess that is a corollary, and I should be happy about that. Also, I did manage to stay away from the salty snacks. More or less. I had three pita chips on my way out. Don't you judge me.

Indeed we had staged a party the previous evening, following a tumultuous station meeting that involved a stunt--and not a friendly one. Let's just say for now that both program directors were this close to quitting this week. That's quite an achievement for the hijacking troll in our midst. I'm sure there's room for improvement, though. WRFI is a young station. We're just learning, and there are growing pains. I don't think our meetings are up to snuff. We haven't yet matched the notorious Park Slope food co-op meeting, or the WBAI station meeting--look that stuff up yourself, I'm not doing your homework for you--but we're close. Yay? I've said it before, but it bears repeating: radio attracts crazy people, and it brings out the crazy in sane people.

Speaking of which, I don't receive many phone calls during the show. Sometimes I am sad about this, and feel jealousy toward those hosts who seem to get more love [the peeps in Ithaca really adore their righteous, pre-electric, "nu-Mennonite" folk music, make of that what you will]. However, just last night I was in the studio with a DJ duo who were receiving their sixth call of the evening from the same drunk guy. I thought to myself, "thank goodness the people who like my show aren't messed up." Quality over quantity. I was happy to get a reasonable request on this program, and even happier to fill it. Good times.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 October 16, 2100-2300:

  1. "In Times" | The Blue Angel Lounge | 10 Years 8MM Music | 8MM
  2. "Nine Months Later" | Vagrants | In Fuzz We Trust | Stag-O-Lee | "Physical Evidence"
  3. "Air" | Talking Heads | Fear of Music | Sire - Rhino
  4. "Fevered" | Whore Paint | Swallow My Bones | Load
  5. "Inner Place" | Laura Jones | Rebel Rave 3 | Crosstown Rebels
  6. "Taste" | Ride | Original Album Series | Rhino UK
  7. "Smoke" | Dapayk & Padberg | Smoke | Mo's Ferry
  8. "Ward 81" | The Pretty Things (w/ Zacherley & Plasticland) | In Fuzz We Trust | Stag-O-Lee | "Physical Evidence"
  9. "M.B. Williams" | Response Pirituba | Daora: Underground Sounds of Urban Brasil | Mais Um Discos
  10. "Heartbeat" | Night Plane | Heartbeat | Soul Clap
  11. "Trouble Everyday" | Tumbleweed | Daddy Long Legs | Waterfront
  12. "Black Box" | Vanilla Fudge | In Fuzz We Trust | Stag-O-Lee | "Physical Evidence"
  13. "Night Stalker (Lauer Remix)" | New World | Night Stalker | Riotvan
  14. "Kether Hot Knives" | A Certain Ratio | Sextet | Universal Sound
  15. "Black Octagons" | Call Super | Black Octagons | Houndstooth
  16. "Serenity 021" | Esa | Serenity in a Forbidden Place | Burek
  17. "Romilar D" | Shy Guys | In Fuzz We Trust | Stag-O-Lee | "Physical Evidence"
  18. "Aching Bones" | Nadine Shah | Love Your Dum and Mad | R & S - Apollo
  19. "I See It" | Sauce81 | All In Line | Catune
  20. "Avalanche" | Dave Allan & The Arrows | In Fuzz We Trust | Stag-O-Lee | "Physical Evidence"

next time: a surprise induction to the Hall. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis