U_D_M Detour 16, 2015 January 30


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Guy here. I go wherever instinct leads me. On this broadcast it led me back to familiar territory, but whenever I drift, I drift differently. Circular beats, not circular time.

Speaking of which--it was sometime around the airing of this program that it was established, once and for all, that this program had pop-up status, as opposed to being a regular fixture. Predictability is alright for some. But surprise is a key element of my assault on boredom, and anything that repeats on a calendar feels like work. I never work.

If you want a picture of the future, imagine my being on the air--or not on the air--you never know--forever.

U_D_M playlist, 2015 January 30, 2000-2100:

  1. "Be Dark" | Youandewan | Times | secretsundaze
  2. "Ich See" | Patrick Zigon | Ich See | Biotop
  3. "First Impression" | Conforce | Machine Conspiracy | Delsin
  4. "Mad Half Hour" | Mark Henning | Four Jacks, Pt. 3 - 15 Years of Poker Flat | Poker Flat
  5. "No Matter What" | Sek | Everybody E.P. | Danse Club
  6. "Lunes" | Tuccillo | Lunes | Ovum
  7. "Hopeless" | Patrick Vano | Gravity Drive | Mo's Ferry
  8. "Williamsburg" | DJ Tennis | Local | Life and Death
  9. "Slow" | Zohdy & Senna | Slow EP | Colourful

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