U_D_M Detour 17, 2015 February 14


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Guy here. A space had opened on this Valentine's Day, what with everyone seemingly busy--representing affection through acts of compulsory consumption, subjecting themselves to forced entertainment, and so on. You know--the usual.

On this outing I don't know what I was trying to do--perhaps combining the familiar with the novel. It's useful enough, if we allow for different values of "useful." I have done better, and I have done worse.
Finally, on this program I was headed for a desirable state of non-symmetry, when DJ Danelectro got trapped on the highway. In an act of laziness and cowardice I embraced my entrapment and played an extra tune. Can we only go where the traffic goes?

U_D_M playlist 2015 February 14, 1800-1900:

  1. "Lovers" | Love Corporation | Give Me Some Love | Creation
  2. "Driving Blind [Moist Sexy Mix]" | Chris & Cosey | Twist | T & B Vinyl
  3. "Riviera" | Odd Numbers | Break Even | No Label
  4. "Dirty Epic" | Underworld | Dubnobasswithmyheadman | Universal [Japan]
  5. "Inside of This" | Sub Sub | Full Fathom Five | Robs Records
  6. "Faux - Four Tet Remix" | John Beltran | Faux | Text
  7. "Shift F1 (Inland Edit)" | Function | Synewave Reissues Part I: 1995-97 | Infrastructure New York
  8. "No Government" | Nicolette | No Government | Talkin' Loud
  9. "Pinnacles" | Four Tet | Pinnacles / Ye Ye | Text
  10. "Lush (Euro-Tunnel Disaster)" | Orbital | The Peel Session | Internal

solid phonk.


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