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May 2015

U_D_M Detour 11, 2014 September 26

May 12, 2015


Guy LeBatard here, turning in a circle in the night to be consumed by the internet. It's May, which can only mean that I am fattening myself on a diet of whiskey and Cheez-its and stupefying myself watching the ice hockey playoffs. My team is no more, so my only interest is in making sure Les Habitants lose (though I do love Ginette Reno).

Here is a program from a leaner autumnal time. Did I see that Kid Catharsis had some thoughts on memory? As usual he's an egg short of a croque madame. Dead time: who needs it? The past is a terrible thing to hoard. This particular detour was outstanding, if you are the sort who needs others to entertain you, and I don't need to recall a thing about it to assert that.

U_D_M playlist, 2014 September 26, 1900-2000:

  1. "Isla" | Panthera Krause | Laika | Riotvan
  2. "Damdamm" | Basti Grub | Asante Sana | Desolat
  3. "Control" | Mumbai Science | Deja Vu | Lektrolov
  4. "All The Lights" | Throwing Snow | Mosaic | Houndstooth
  5. "Midnight Blue (instrumental)" | Mr. Flash | Midnight Blue | Ed Banger - Because
  6. "Submarine" | Benotmane | Somewhere | fenou
  7. "Serenity in a Forbidden Place (Fudge Fingas Remix)" | Esa | Serenity in a Forbidden Place | Burek
  8. "I Hold From You" | Anton Pieete | Loner | Rejected
  9. "Unified Movement" | Reference | Isolated Rhythm | 200

vivant avec plaisir.