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Jun 2015

U_D_M Detour 12, 2014 October 3

June 19, 2015

124466.jpg[GUEST POST]

Guy LeBatard here, displaced in time and space from the program contained herein. Where these "podcasts" are, my truth is not. Reified me [or is it refried?] sounds fairly decent, though, I can assure you. October is safely in the past, unless there is, a la O'Brien in the Ministry of Love, some alternate universe where the past is still happening.

I do recall vaguely that there was another WRFI program around this time that was venturing into the sort of tunes that I play, and perhaps there has been another one since, but they are no more. And, seemingly, nor is this pop-up show. Certain genres don't seem to get the time and energy to be sustainable. Or maybe the people are the wrong people, though I would hate to think of the folk jockeys as the "right" people. Not even Orwell can make me shudder that effectively.

U_D_M playlist, 2014 October 3, 1900-2000

  1. "Mystericordia - Rodriguez Jr. Remix" | Igor Vicente | Mystericordia | mobilee
  2. "Medea" | Solomun | Samson EP | DIYnamic
  3. "The Tubular Arp" | Skinnerbox | Love Songs For The Broken Hearted Arpeggiator | Treat Your DJ Right
  4. "On My Mind - Version Three" [with Flava D] | Royal T | On My Mind | Butterz
  5. "Hot Inside" | Jimmy Edgar | Hot Inside | Ultramajic
  6. "Drum Program" | Djedjotronic | Drum Program | boysnoize
  7. "Mesohippus" | Strategy | Pressure Wassure | Peak Oil
  8. "Charge - Rrose Remix" | CTRLS | Charge | Token
  9. "Born To Be Alive" | Ken Hayakawa | Take 1 | Romancity

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