U_D_M Detour 14, 2014 November 14


diversion.jpgBonjour, LeBatard here, “here” being an undisclosed location in the not-frozen North. I didn’t buy you anything for Christmas, but I do have this program from the somewhat distant past to share with you. It cost me more than you know.

Since I am a free spirit, I often occupy the booth alone, but on this night I am joined for the first and only time. My co-host’s name is Faustine de la Rue, and she is, twice over. She and I plow through a multifaceted soundtrack for hedonism and adventure. We also butcher the entertainment calendar, and I injure myself in the studio. IT IS A DANGEROUS LIFE.

U_D_M playlist, 2014 November 14, 1900-2000:

  1. "Mold Trip" | William Kouam Djoko | Satisfied | mobilee
  2. "Flying Suns" | UNER | Tune 432 | DIYNamic
  3. "Ringbahn" | Maxim Wolzyn | Intercity Express | SVS
  4. "For You - Deepchord Reconstruction #1" | Fluxion | Broadwalk Tales Remix | Echocord
  5. "Forbidden Place" | Esa | Serenity In A Forbidden Place | Burek
  6. "Looking From A Hilltop (Stephen Morris Mix)" | Section 25 | From the Hip [30th anniversary reissue] | Factory Benelux
  7. "No. No... (John Tejada Mix)" | The Field | Kompakt: Total 14 | Kompakt
  8. "In Your System" | Tin Man | ODE | Acid Test

boreds of canada


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