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Sep 2016

U_D_M Detour 20, 2015 October 30

September 12, 2016

udm20151030.jpg[GUEST POST]

Guy, returning. Here is another program I did last October. Why take so long to post it, you ask? It is all dead time anyway, what is your hurry?

This broadcast came on the heels of another, four nights prior, if we must be exact. Lacking time to prepare, I engaged in a bit of nostalgia. It would embarrass me, if I had shame.

Additionally I was a bit distracted by all the hub-bub about the imminent Halloween observance, something I regard as a sanctioned, (therefore) woeful festival of escapism and gluttony of the worst kind (the indiscriminate kind). It seems to me the only thing to do is to play tricks instead of allowing oneself to be placated with "treats." No one ever seems to have anything interesting in mind. Had I a place to live, I would refuse to buy candy and tell each plastic-clad visitor, "I have nothing for you, so you will have to trick me." I suppose it's best for everyone that I don't settle down, preferring instead to drift.

U_D_M playlist, 2015 October 30, 1900-2000:

  1. "(I'm) In Deep (Featuring Mark E. Smith)" | Coldcut | What's That Noise? | Tommy Boy - Reprise
  2. "Blue Room" | The Orb | u.f.orb | Island Red Label
  3. "Freedom" | 400 Blows | The New Lords on the Block | Concrete Productions
  4. "No Government As a Way of Life" | Nicolette | No Government | Talkin' Loud
  5. "Re:Rise (Re:Search Mix)" | Chris & Cosey | Twist | T & B Vinyl
  6. "The End of It All 2015 Mix" | John Tejada | The End of It All 2015 Mix | Palette
  7. "God Says No to Tomorrow" | Timeshard | Planet Dog - Peel Your Head: The Peel Sessions | Strange Fruit

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