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Sep 2016

U_D_M Detour 22, 2015 December 18

September 22, 2016

electric_city.jpg[GUEST POST]

Guy LeBatard "checking in." At long last, and after many boring pleas and threats, I am posting the most "recent" radio diversion in my series. I should say "my" series because it technically belongs to no one, but up to and including this time of writing I am the only one willing to drive this bus. THE HIGHER, THE FEWER. The question is, drive the bus where? And through what?

The answer is a hedonistic safespace existing within the dimension of audio, where "beats and stuff" liberate your consciousness from the prison of thought. And "through" meritorious programs such as The Slow Drift (which I replaced on this night), which invite the experience of actual art. BORING.

After a nine-month hiatus (so far) it may seem as though I am eulogizing the program, but there will be more opportunities for us to escape together.

U_D_M playlist, 2015 December 18, 1900-2000:

  1. "Too Many Circuses, Not Enough Freaks" | Kabale Und Liebe | Sammy Hoboken EP | Soweso
  2. "The Arpeggio" | Steve Bug | Simple, Thick & Raw | Poker Flat
  3. "I" | Folamour | Chapeau Rouge | Fauxpas
  4. "Lolita - Warehouse Mix" | Special Request | Soul Music | Houndstooth
  5. "Typeface / Greyscale - Vatican Shadow's The World Is Complete" | Akkord | HTH030 | Houndstooth
  6. "Constellation" | Rafael Cerato | Four to the Floor 01 | DIYnamic
  7. "Night Rider (feat. Undo)" | Metope | Black Beauty Remixes | Areal

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