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Aug 2017

U_D_M Detour 31, 2017 February 19

August 17, 2017

richard_fearless_overview_effect.jpg[GUEST POST]

SHEDDING STEWARDSHIP of the Bombastic web archive, it is I, Guy LeBatard, with what is my last ever transmission, for now. Whether I knew it at the time doesn't matter, but it sounds like I did. Boring as it already was to push these sausages through the tube on schedule, apparently the following Sunday was "another dreadful day of sunlight and warmth," so I ghosted. I wonder if Captain Halcyon did a program, but it's not my responsibility. This transmission is "good" where it needs to be and "bad" where it is meant to be. Since there are no endings in nature, and we lack the bravery to face those we construct, let's say that someday I may return spontaneously. kid catharsis has a phrase about this that he is saving for his own time, so as a grudging bourgeois gesture in recognition of his hospitality, I will not steal it.

Fuck sunsets.

U_D_M playlist, 2017 February 19, 1700-1800:

  1. "Frankfurt Advice - Heretic Remix" | Andrew Weatherall | Consolamentum | Rotter's Golf Club
  2. "Keep Pushin - Session Victim Remix" | Boris Dlugosch | Hamburg Elektronisch 3 | Hafendisko
  3. "Moqui Marble" | Bjorn Storig | 10 Years Stil Vor Talent Presented By Oliver Koletzki | Stil Vor Talent
  4. "Hang Out" | Steven Wobblejay | Hang Out EP | Quintessentials
  5. "Narcotic Luv" | Javi Redondo | Correspondant Compilation 04 | Correspondant
  6. "Overview Effect - Luke Hess Remix" | Richard Fearless | Overview Effect Remixes | Drone
  7. "Room(s)" | The Friend | Balearic Fisting / Fuck Sunsets | Clan Destine
  8. "Decade" | Thyladomid | 10 Years Diynamic | DIYnamic
  9. "Floating Pressure" | Niko Schwind | 10 Years Stil Vor Talent Presented By Oliver Koletzki | Stil Vor Talent

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