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Dec 2018

U_D_M Detour 34, 2018 November 17

December 31, 2018

udm_furry.jpg[GUEST POST]

Guy LeBatard checking in once again. Kid Catharsis tells me, with no subtext whatsoever, that I am "clogging the pipeline" of new episodes he wants to post. Never mind that said episodes are barely "newer" than this one, but it is true, I must be shamed or whipped into productivity. So here, please find attached a sonic excursion I made just prior to Thanksgiving. The last time out, I did promise another outing. You can call me a flake, but I am no liar.

In retrospect this episode starts off a bit rhythm heavy, even for me. But I am resolved never to be disappointed, so it is just an observation. For those of you who love melodic techno, things get "sweeter" toward the end of the program. "More Sugar," indeed. I even manage to rep Montreal in this broadcast. I must have been full of the holiday spirit.

But that's all finished. I am off to new adventures, for now.

U_D_M playlist, 2018 November 17, 1900-2000:

  1. "Zhivago Zhivago - Khidja Dub" | Jonny Sender | Jonny Sender EP | Codek
  2. "Fantasy" | John Heckle | Cocoon Compilation R | Cocoon
  3. "Into the Wild - Black Loops Remix" | Ponty Mython | Tropic of Capricorn (The Remixes) | Wewillalwaysbealovesong
  4. "Dawn" | Locked Groove | Kompakt: Total 17 | Kompakt
  5. "Last Minute Man" | Axefield | Pressure Drop | Atomnation
  6. "Forgive Me" | Gui Boratto | Kompakt: Total 18 | Kompakt
  7. "Red" | Robert Babicz | Red EP | Selador
  8. "More Sugar" | Physical Therapy | More Sugar | Sounds of Beaubien Ouest