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Jan 2020

U_D_M Detour 37, 2019 August 31

January 2, 2020

Greg_Gow_Paradigm_Shift.jpg[GUEST POST]

Greetings from dead time. I am Guy, and sometimes I do radio and post here. The attached file is a detour from the summer, but eternal summer is upon us now, so how old is it, really? Anyway, this was the first "Saturday night" of the "academic year," both ridiculous constructs, but those willing to throw away their leisure time on the passive consumption of radio content could find me, living my best possible life to this here soundtrack.

If I remember correctly, and I probably do, this night was filled with references and suggestions. Alcyon? It does sound familiar. Feel live? I did and I do. Alternative Faction? Surely a "kid catharsis" musical entity waiting to happen. It was also a night of solidity and opacity, a monolithic beat experience in which you could lose yourself. And I think I did? But I came back, and I will be back again.

U_D_M playlist, 2019 August 31, 1900-2000:

  1. "Paradigm Shift" | Greg Gow | Paradigm Shift | Planet E
  2. "Naja" | Pawas feat. Arooj Aftab | India Gets Physical, Vol. 1 | Get Physical
  3. "All States of Dawn" | Smallpeople | Afterglow | Smallville
  4. "Alcyon" | Simon Vuarambon | A Winter Sampler | All Day I Dream
  5. "Feel Live" | Massimiliano Pagliara | Feel Live | Live at Robert Johnson
  6. "Alternative Faction" | Casey Tucker | Alternative Faction | Love Notes
  7. "Cannot Compare" | Frits Wentink & DJ Boring | Shall Not Fade - 3 Years of Service | Shall Not Fade
  8. "Cosmic Child (Thomas T & Anish – Remix)" | Greg Shepherd | Divine | finefood