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Sep 2014

U_D_M Detour 5, 2014 January 10

September 23, 2014

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LeBatard dans la maison. This program happened so long ago that it has dropped out of the stream of history. Therefore it is new, now and always. Such are the wonders of dead time.

It may have embarrassed me to play "Palatial," knowing as I may have that Kid Catharsis played it at some point or other, probably more than once, knowing him and his issues. But I don't recall, so that, too, is irrelevant now.

The frozen evening on which this broadcast must have taken place was, no doubt, like all the others, except I was there, creating a situation. May such nights return soon. How I detest summers down here in the tropics!

U_D_M playlist, 2014 January 10, 2000-2100:

  1. "Palatial" | The Love Corporation | Tones | Creation
  2. "Wait" | Kyrill & Redford | Somebody | Burlesque
  3. "Love Walls - Philipp Priebe Remix" | Ted Alexander | XXX | Stem
  4. "Mmm Skyscraper I Love You" | Underworld | 1992-2002 | Junior Boy's Own
  5. "Something from My Mind" | Echonomist | Blowback EP | Rotary Cocktail
  6. "Presence" | Tobia Coffa | Get Over It EP | Amam
  7. "Feel What You Feel" | LTJ Bukem | Journey Inwards | Kinetic

Absence now.