U_D_M Detour 7, 2014 June 20


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LeBatard here, again. I do what I can to provide mindless, harmless images to mediate whatever social relations you find yourselves embroiled in. Sometimes the world wins. This was a terrible day, and terrible things happened, and I don't want to discuss them here.

Instead, let's talk about numbers. Here are nine songs. I am glad that it turned out to be nine. The number eight bothers me. It was not always this way. Those first three New Order albums--they each had eight tracks, and I considered them perfect. Precious memories! In my first few broadcasts I could not escape this number, but I have done so recently, and it is quite a relief. I am so finished with symmetry.

U_D_M playlist, 2014 June 20, 1900-2000:

  1. "What Is Electro" | Snuff Crew | Behind the Masks | BPitch Control
  2. "Surfering" | UNER | Tune 432 | DIYNamic
  3. "In & Out" | Mercury | In & Out | Spiel
  4. "Noughts" | Few Nolder | Private Drive | Silence Family
  5. "Eglantine" | Hiver | Blue Aconite | Curle / N.E.W.S.
  6. "Start Stop Dream" | Hector | The Hand of Hec | mobilee
  7. "Pathfinder" | Throwing Snow | Pathfinder | Houndstooth
  8. "Taqueria" | Marc Houle & Click Box | Razzamatazz | Items & Things
  9. "Black Snow (Isolee Remix)" | Cavaan | Sign's | Treat Your DJ Right

be careful with phrases like "dead time"

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