U_D_M Detour 9, 2014 August 15


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Bonjour. LeBatard here, in the frozen north. Four months ago I produced this radio program, right here. Goodness knows what I was thinking on this hot August night. But I can guarantee that I was not thinking about a drifter that I had killed just for fun.

For my part, I do drift, mostly. Predominantly, I just drift. I don't know what else one is to do in these times, except perhaps read tedious blog posts. I hope you are at least reading this on a mobile, as part of some adventure. At any rate, If I had to nail down some kind of "theme" or "connecting thread" to this episode, I suppose it would be "the mind," but Kid Catharsis tells me these things have to happen in threes, so no dice. You're on your own, as always.

U_D_M playlist, 2014 August 15, 1900-2000:

  1. "Oceans - Mirror People Remix" | Jesse Oliver | Discotexas Picnic II | Discotexas
  2. "Anatomy - North Lake Remix" | DJ Tennis | Local | Life And Death
  3. "Waves of Grain" | Amber | Waves of Grain | mobilee
  4. "A Tale of Two Lovers - Dub Mix" | Eelke Klein | Lovely Sweet Divine / A Tale of Two Lovers | Eskimo
  5. "Through My Mind" | Panthera Krause | Laika | Riotvan
  6. "Schnuppe" | Mathias Schaffhauser | Angular (Remixed) | Mo's Ferry
  7. "Awe Baby" | Kon | On My Way | BBE
  8. "Delivery" | Cleric | Delivery | Coincidence
  9. "Something From My Mind" | Echonomist | Blowback | Rotary Cocktail

we used to.

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