U_D_M, Transmission 1: 2013 August 30


Kid Catharsis has allowed me to post episodes of my occasional program U_D_M on his website, so here is the first one. I would thank him, but I feel that such gestures only contribute to the world's supply of boredom. He would understand.

I'm Guy LeBatard. Kid Catharsis tells me that there are other noteworthy LeBatards in broadcasting, but I am not related to them and feel nausea at the insinuation. I am descended from a once-proud line of Quebecois funeral directors, if you must know, but that is neither here nor there. At any rate, I am my own person.

I reject the ever-increasing fragmentation of "dance" or "electronic" music or whatever you want to call it, and offer U_D_M as an antidote to IDM. If you know what the latter stands for, you will surmise the meaning of the former. That is why Kid Catharsis and I enjoy a "friendship," as he insists on calling it. We both eschew the pretense of making anyone smarter through music.

In fact I have little use for the written word, but Kid Catharsis has insisted that I write something rather than simply dropping my programs here, as a domesticated feline would do with a dead rodent. I hope these words suffice.

N.B. other transmissions are still available here.

U_D_M Playlist, 2013 August 30, 1900-2000:

  1. "Eve ov Destruction" | Psychic TV | Love War Riot | Temple
  2. "Mental Disorder" | The Same | Fungeez | Infine
  3. "Kyra's Vowels" | Thee Headcoatees | Taylor Meets Thee Headcoatees | Lissy's
  4. "City of Dreadful Night" | Sandoz | Digital Life Time | Intone
  5. "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" | The Darkness vs SFB | I Believe in a Thing Called Love | Not on label (SFB Remix Series)
  6. "Fatal Attraction" | Mark Stewart | International | Mute
  7. "Sunkissed Shak" | Taron-Trekka | The Trekkas Shak Phase | Freude Am Tanzen
  8. "Trinity" | Adam Johnson | Chigliak | Merck

next time: more hypnotic diversions from the mundane.

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