We Are Having the Pleasure of Being Slowly Nowhere: Transmission 22, 2013 March 23


zimbabwefrontline.jpgOur first Saturday program is in the books. By "the books" I mean "the big intangible book of everything that ever happened." Another place where the program "is" happens to be this blog post, right here. Or your RSS feed. Or your iTunes window. You do know that you can subscribe to the BOMBAST phenomenon by these means, right? Okay, good.

Anyway, we just pre-empted four hours of pre-recorded, syndicated Saturday programming for live DJs. We did this without notice. Not only did the world not end, but we didn't receive angry phone calls or emails from anyone. This means either: that people have been really anxious for this to happen; that the syndicated shows were truly awful; that I and the DJ who preceded me were just excellent enough not to prompt complaints; or that nobody was listening. [It couldn't literally have been nobody, since someone did call in and claim free movie passes, but still.] It is a process.

fist-pump-baby-260x152.jpgOn this podcast, you get to hear The Lions' excellent cover of Van Halen's "Jamie's Crying" without hearing the Emergency Alert System test that we received, without warning, and that went out on air during the song. That is the magic of the Internet, and signal routing, at work. The "special event" we wound up broadcasting live Sunday night, by the way, was an Amy Goodman appearance at a local school. We threw that together with an iPhone app on-site and a laptop connection in the studio. If you heard that...you're welcome? Feel free to pitch in some funds so we can get some legit gear.

I did use the word "awesome" at least twice, and I played the wrong track on the Zimbabwe Frontline record. I chalk this up to general giddiness, from not having to stay on the air past my bedtime.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 March 23, 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

  1. The Lions: "Jamie's Crying" [Stone's Throw]
  2. Les Sins: "Prelims" [Jiaolong]
  3. Thomas Mapfumo: "Pidigori" [Earthworks / Virgin] / "Physical Evidence"
  4. Carmen Villain: "Two Towns" [Smalltown Supersound]
  5. Pickwick: "The Round" [self-released]
  6. Syclops: "Jump Bugs" [Running Back]
  7. We Scare Nightmares: "Work Until You Die" [self-released]
  8. Joe Jackson Band: "Mad At You" [A & M] / "Listening Parlour"
  9. Witch: "Little Clown" [Now-Again]
  10. Fort Romeau: "Love (Dub)" [Spectral Sound]
  11. Susan Mapfumo & The Black Salutarys: "Dzvoko" [Earthworks / Virgin] / "Physical Evidence"
  12. L'AS: "Zaikedelic" [Box Clever]
  13. Frank Agrario: "Labyrinth Disko" [Internasjonal Spesial]
  14. Robson Banda and The New Black Eagles: "Nyimbo Yakwasu" [Earthworks / Virgin] / "Physical Evidence"
  15. Scott & Charlene's Wedding: "Hazy Morning" [Critical Heights]
  16. Joe Jackson: "You're My Meat" [A & M] / "Listening Parlour"
  17. The Golden Filter: "Age of Consent" [Mojo Magazine]
  18. Pan-Pot: "Kepler" [Mobilee]
  19. Jonah Moyo and Devera Ngwena: "Taxi Driver" [Earthworks / Virgin] / "Physical Evidence"
  20. Butane: "We Long to Move the Stars to Pity" [Sci-Tec]

next week: ventriloquism. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

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