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Feb 2020

You Can’t Arrest Me, I Pay Rent Here: Transmission 496, 2019 November 16

February 10, 2020

tindouf_refugee_camp.jpgThis is a type of experience I am increasingly struggling to make sense of as time passes. It's a Saturday night and I have volunteered to do radio, by myself. It seems like I was just basking in solitude, but that was a Wednesday night, which I know will be "me time." Maybe in the olden days this strategy of "filling up free time with radio" was partly a way of keeping myself out of trouble, and maybe it still is, but I really am trying to limit these appearances that don't have a point. At this time I know I was trying to reach Transmission 500 by Christmas, for reasons I no longer understand. 2019 was work.

Since this program was broadcast, 86 days ago now, I've gone on the air 14 times. At the gym I am listening to a transmission from 48 days ago. I'm currently editing a sound file from 30 days ago--5 shows ago. Is it day I'm seeing?

Was I really just saying I'd started doing programs that made me proud again? Yikes. I hope you enjoy the airplay software glitches and random noises from my own laptop that manifest here. Also, I think I played a couple of tracks that in hindsight seem like bad choices, departures from my own taste meant as favors for other people. I need to stop doing this. Let me just make a blanket statement--friends, I love you. But this is my program. Maybe I am just overreacting; I seem to remember being angry on the arc trainer when I listened back to this. I am frequently angry at the gym. "Have a good time," my loved ones tell me. Sure thing!

Okay, let's try this again--things get better from here.

BOMBAST playlist, 2019 November 16, 2000-2200:

  1. "Dispossession" | Algiers | Dispossession | Matador
  2. "I Wonder" | Sequoyah Murray | Before You Begin | Thrill Jockey
  3. "The Warmest Rain" | The Durutti Column | Obey The Time [reissue] | Factory Benelux
  4. "Party" | Spontaneous Overthrow | All About Money | Numero Group
  5. "Junkyard" | The Legendary Pink Dots | Angel in the Detail | Metropolis
  6. "In My Shoes" | Leeroy Thornhill | Test of Time | False Idols
  7. "Loathe" | Your 33 Black Angels | Eternities I | self-released
  8. "Mars - Won't Save Us" | The Room in the Wood | The Mars E.P. | A Turntable Friend
  9. "Joan Of Arc (Maid of Orleans)" | Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark | Architecture and Morality | Virgin
  10. "Wonder Y" | A Certain Ratio | acr:set | Mute
  11. "Psychotic Machine" | Loudspeaker | One Little Indian's Greatest Hits Volume One | One Little Indian
  12. "Sancho e Pingo" | Gonzo | Ruido(s) | Discrepant
  13. "Everybody Needs Dub" | The Aggrovators | Dubbing At King Tubby's | VP
  14. "Nights in Helsinki" | Last Nubian | The Reunion EP | Blaq Numbers
  15. "Rahjak" | NNYZ? | Automation | Kahvi Collective
  16. "Goo Goo Eyes" | Algebra Mothers | A-Moms = Algebra Mothers | Third Man
  17. "Anyway" | The Artpress | The Sound of Leamington Spa | Firestation Records
  18. "Deep Heart (Macerator Remix)" | Diane Marie Kloba | D.M.K vs S.K.1.2.3 | self-released
  19. "Golden Ball" | Stereolab | Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements (Expanded Edition) | Duophonic / WARP
  20. "Hidden Track" | The 1865 | Don't Tread On We! | Mass Appeal
  21. "Mosaic" | David J | Missive to an Angel from the Halls of Infamy and Allure | Glass Modern
  22. "Bookworm" | The Irony Board | Unfinished Business | The Beautiful Music
  23. "Rolling" | Michael Kiwanuka | KIWANUKA | Polydor
  24. "Save Urself (feat Nubya Garcia)" | Amy True | Oonops Drops Vol. 2 | Agogo
  25. "Madea" | Tenesha the Wordsmith | Peacocks & Other Savage Beasts | On the Corner
  26. "Without Sense" | Milbentia | Last Days | Virtual Soundsystem
  27. "Nothin' Man" | R.L. Burnside | Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down | Fat Possum
  28. "It's Not Me" | Stephen Mallinder | Um Dada | Dais
  29. "p-string" | Aphex Twin | Peel Session 2 | WARP
  30. "Des gouttes" | DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson | Aimez ces airs | Hot Casa

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