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Jul 2018

You Will Have an Experience That Will Seem Completely Real: Transmission 414, 2018 July 4

July 22, 2018

lucien_freud.jpg This program came at the end of a "day off" in which there was very little to do. This is an odd thing (I think) about Ithaca: the 4th of July is kind of vacant in terms of civic activities. The fireworks are usually the night before, for example. One doesn't hear about holiday-related festivities, though perhaps I am not listening. At any rate, I kept myself busy on this day by worrying about work--there would be a huge event the next day, but it is never too early to freak out.

The week prior, I had found myself marvelling at what I called the "simple joy" of someone else's show. I can't say I set out deliberately to chase that this time around (which may be my problem in the first place), but I do think that on at least a subconscious level that explains why I played so many things in this program that I have played before, and so many lengthy things specifically. It felt like the old days, when I would do stuff like this all the time and not really be bothered. What a life I had then! That is what I miss, more than the person I was.

You know what else I miss? Having an Isacc Hayes record that is in decent condition! Good grief, my copy of Joy is in bad shape. Somehow we made it through that, together, which is nice. Do you know what else we made it through? My 10,000th track played on the air at WRFI, if you can believe it--actually whether or not you believe it it is true. "Soul Soldier" is the answer to this trivia question. You're welcome.

BOMBAST playlist, 2018 July 4, 2100-2300:

  1. "What Does Your Soul Look Like? Pt. 2" | DJ Shadow | Preemptive Strike | FFRR
  2. "Soul Soldier" | Throwing Muses | The Fat Skier | 4AD - Sire
  3. "Time Zones" | Negativland | Escape from Noise | SST
  4. "When You Feel It Grunt If You Can" | The J.B.'s | These Are the J.B.'s | Now-Again
  5. "Rocket U.S.A." | Suicide | Suicide | Red Star
  6. "The Graves at Lamphead" | Buick | Sweatertongue | Lather
  7. "Crawl" | Bunnydrums | Feathers Web | Funk Dungeon
  8. "I Luv I Jah" | Bad Brains | Omega Sessions | Victory Records
  9. "Ghost Lights" | The Children | Ghost Lights | Division 68
  10. "Joy" | Isaac Hayes | Joy | Enterprise
  11. "Chameleon" | Herbie Hancock | Autodrive | Columbia
  12. "Voodoo Chile" | The Jimi Hendrix Experience | Electric Ladyland | Reprise
  13. "Gravitational VIII" | Landing | Bells in New Towns | El Paraiso

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