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Nov 2019

You’ve Been At It So Long It’s Chronic: Transmission 477, 2019 August 7

November 26, 2019

Bamba_Pana_Poaa.jpgSince the last program, big things had happened in my life and in the world. Toni Morrison had died, and to be honest I could not mourn her properly. I had been assigned Beloved in some undergraduate literature class, and I had read it, but I was so scattered at that stage of life I could not take it in. I was not living authentically and I was stretched to my limit even then. And, to be honest, I haven't been a reader of fiction for a good 30 years now. But her quote about racism being a distraction, something that pointlessly eats up time in your one precious life, resonates with me, so I feel like a light has gone out. Then of course there was the Walmart shooting in El Paso, a place where I lived briefly and miserably. So an act of literal white supremacist violence followed my summer of figurative, linguistic and behavioral white violence. I apologize if I am not making sense of this here, but I promise you it made sense to me at the time and still does even now. To articulate this here is kind of a duty but also a distraction.

Lady Catharsis and I had also become homeowners this week, something I never thought would happen after my career was ruined ten years ago. To this day I still can't quite believe it and, sure enough, I still haven't finished unboxing. But certainly during the first week of August we were in the thick of moving and I was completely out of my mind with rage and panic.

I have very little to say about this program because it reflects my terrible inner life. I've given it a couple of tries, and maybe I can stipulate that the music between the segues is good. Possibly. But this truly is "Bombast"--it merely takes up space on this night, preventing license-threatening silence between 9 and 11 pm. And it's inconsistently successful even at that.

BOMBAST playlist, 2019 August 7, 2100-2300:

  1. "Omoto" | Odomore Osarenren And Ẹwaẹn Ọsẹtin Stars | Ọyọetigbe - The Birth Of A Child | Dig This Way
  2. "Repeat Offender" | Rude Audio | Street Light Interference | Zirkus
  3. "Carry Me - Cosey Fanni Tutti Rework" | Penelope Trappes | Carry Me - Cosey Fanni Tutti Rework | Houndstooth
  4. "Into The Light" | Where We Sleep | Experiments In The Dark | self-released
  5. "Shall Not Dwell In Wickedness" | Prince Far I | Voice of Thunder | Get On Down
  6. "Soul Fire" | Gato Negro | Dub Or Die Vol 2 | ROIR Europe / Danceteria
  7. "Jpiya" | Bamba Pana | Poaa | Nyege Nyege Tapes
  8. "Satellite" | TV on the Radio | Young Liars - EP | Touch and Go
  9. "Flying 3/4" | elAstrum | Freqmod | Kahvi Collective
  10. "Otzi The Iceman" | Nymfo | Pictures on Silence | Dispatch
  11. "[Ear-Lips]" | Meat Beat Manifesto | Opaque Couche | Flexidisc
  12. "Exploding Frogs" | Coil | The Gay Man's Guide To Safer Sex + 2 | Musique Pour La Danse
  13. "Tuareg" | Brian | Not Retiring | self-released
  14. "Encrypted" | The Dirtbombs | Consistency Is The Enemy | Cass
  15. "Ghosts" / "The End of Radio" / "Canada" | Shellac | The End of Radio | Touch and Go
  16. "I Just Wanna Make Love to You" / "Give Me Love" | The Gories | Live in Detroit 5/27/88 (The Shaw Tapes) | Third Man
  17. "Deni Kelen Be Koko" | Lobi Traore | The Lobi Traore Group | Honest Jon's
  18. "Ou C'est Lui Ou C'est Moi" | Vincent Ahehehinnou | African Scream Contest: Raw & Psychedelic Afro Sounds from Benin & Togo 70s | Analog Africa

You could call it dead air; I think that's rude