Astral Injuries: Transmission 348, 2017 June 14


teengirl_fantasy.jpg What a week this was. Six days prior to this broadcast, Lady Catharsis fell on the sidewalk and concussed herself. That was an exciting night! She had recovered just enough to do a voice-over for "The Listening Parlour" here, but really not much more than that. The darkness of "brain rest" was her prescription, and I was doing two grownups' worth of stuff. I maybe should not have done this program, but honestly there was not much else to do at this time of night. (Even more honestly, it was more like "one-and-a-half grownups' worth of stuff," since I am at best good for half of a grownup's worth of stuff on my own.)

My karmic reward for carrying on this week was to have not a single computer at the radio station working properly, and needing to resort (gasp) to playing actual records, which wasn't this week's plan. This is what I mean by "under duress." It did work out non-catastrophically--at least I think so. As usual the biggest disaster was me--referring to David Thomas as "the big man" because at the moment his name slipped my mind! (I actually did see him live once, in 1991; I did not enjoy it much, but that's beside the point.) And, of course, "Astral Injuries," which SHOULD be the name of a record label.

BOMBAST playlist, 2017 June 14, 2100-2300:

  1. "Now I'm a Man" | The Funkees | Now I'm A Man | PMG
  2. "Tropopause" | Lusine | Sensorimotor | Ghostly International
  3. "Fallen Columns" | Ø [Phase] | Submerged Metropolitan | Token
  4. "Rædslernes Grønne Ø" | Videodrones | Mondo Ferox | El Paraiso
  5. "Glare" | Teengirl Fantasy | 8AM | Planet Mu
  6. "Space Jam 2017" | thatmanmonkz | Shade Throw EP | Dirt Crew
  7. "Key Women" | The Analog Roland Orchestra | 303 and Chill | Step Recordings
  8. "We Are a Mirror (feat. Douglas J McCarthy)" | ADULT | Detroit House Guests | Mute
  9. "Karevaneh Karbala" | Saint Abdullah | The Sounds of Evil - Vol. 1 | Boomarm Nation
  10. "Exalted Dub" | The Aggrovators | Dubbing At King Tubby's | VP
  11. "Non-Alignment Pact" | Pere Ubu | Beyond Punk! | Mojo Magazine
  12. "National Drone" | Hills | Alive at Roadburn | Rocket
  13. "Greater Grand Crossing" | Anjou | Epithymia | kranky
  14. "Night Falls on Chillicothe" | Brokeback | Illinois River Valley Blues | Thrill Jockey
  15. "Love" | Jacaszek | KWIATY | Ghostly International
  16. "Skagerrak" | Thomas Atzmann | Stiff Little Spinners, Vol. 8 | Audiolith
  17. "Amadou" | Acid Pauli | BLD | Ouie
  18. "Remote View Pt. 1" | Natan H | Atmosphere | Acid Camp
  19. "Exasthrus (Pane)" | M.E.S.H. | Mono No Aware | PAN
  20. "Wait For Me" | Ulrich Schnauss | No Further Ahead Than Today | Scripted Realities
  21. "Never Say Never" | Romeo Void | Never Say Never | 415 / Columbia | "Listening Parlour"
  22. "Part One" | The Chi Factory | The Kallikatsou Recordings | Astral Industries

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