From Pre-Eternity to Post-Eternity: Transmission 344, 2017 May 21


superpitcher_golden_ravedays_2.jpg True story: I told myself at around this time that I couldn't do "fill-in" appearances because (a) I was behind on posting the regularly-scheduled broadcasts that I do and (b) I was entering a really busy work period (where we are now). Like most things I promise myself, I bailed on this one. Aron called in sick, on this day, and so I found myself in the Kenny Ritter Memorial Studio a mere 24 hours after my previous fill-in appearance. I used to call stunts like this "hero time." I don't know what to call them now.

HOWEVER, whether in spite of an absence of planning or because of it, this is an excellent program. I am leaning toward the latter. Though mostly current and non-nostalgic except for the Kevin Shields birthday observance, this "mixtape" feels like the spirit of what I used to do in the olden days--long, trippy tunes with excellent segues, not the bite-size "trail mix" and rapid-fire changes I am "into" now. I am frequently reminded that young me had it together in more ways than current me does.

BOMBAST playlist, 2017 May 21, 2100-2300:

  1. "Loomer" | My Bloody Valentine | Loveless | Creation - Sire
  2. "Let's Play Doctor" | Superpitcher | The Golden Ravedays 2 | Hippie Dance
  3. "A1" | Convextion | Acido 22 | Acido
  4. "Zeolites" | Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald | Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald Present Borderland: Transport | Tresor
  5. "Don't Come Any Closer" | OKADA | Floating Away from the World | N5MD
  6. "SIDE A" | El Mahdy Jr. | Die Before You Die | Boomarm Nation
  7. "Tactus Tempus - Tonal" | A Pulse Train | Tactus Tempus | Geej
  8. "Dronz 3 - Nefesh" | Richard Pinhas | Reverse | Bureau B
  9. "Och Solen Sankte Sig Rod" | Hills | Alive at Roadburn | Rocket

Breakfast with a sea priestess

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