I Think the Sunlight Is Confusing Me: Transmission 78, 2013 December 1


Here is a rare daytime program that I did in someone's hour of need. Or was it the station's? How desperate must one be to call on BOMBAST, I wonder? No fun staring into that void, I am sure. Anyway, guys, I'm trying to save the new material for the mothership program on Wednesday nights, and in December I always fall victim to nostalgic impulses, so I thought I would do an "all-compilation" show.

If you've been listening at all, you know that as much as I hate to make mistakes, I consider them part of the magic of radio. There's a LOT of magic in this program, you guys! Holy cow, hour two--I have no idea what happened, but it's pretty wild, on the "excellence in content and technique" front. At any rate, it is a thing that happened.

This would be a good place to write something about how my love affair with the compilation began--insofar as we consider "good place" within the context of this site's function as a diary while I am alive and Virtual Me once I am not. But I'm in a hurry today, and way behind on episodes, and I am hoping that there will be a truly special occasion in the future where I can rhapsodize about that.

In the meantime, enjoy retro December! Brace yourselves--there's a lot more where this came from.

[UPDATE: ha ha, "Butterfly Catcher," good lord.]

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 December 1, 1200-1400:

  1. "In the Afternoon" | Revolving Paint Dream | I Love the Smell of Napalm | Creation - Rough Trade
  2. "Butterfly Collector" | A.R.Kane | 12 Inch 87 Anthology | 4AD
  3. "Lost and Found (S.L.F.)" | DJ Shadow | Headz | Mo' Wax
  4. "Natural Aggression" | Aswad | Jah Shaka Presents Dub Masters Volume 1 | Mango UK
  5. "Pretty" | Love Tractor | Athens, GA - Inside / Out | I.R.S.
  6. "Umculo Kawupheli (No End to Music)" | The Mahotella Queens | Soweto Never Sleeps | Shanachie
  7. "Distant Dreams (part two)" | Throbbing Gristle | The Industrial Records Story | Illuminated
  8. "El Clavo Y La Cruz" | The Plugz | Repo Man | MCA
  9. "Menstrual Man" | Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti | Fragments from Work in Progress | 4AD
  10. "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" | Mouth | Birth of the Y | Y
  11. "T Plays It Cool" | Marvin Gaye | Anotherlatenight (Fila Brazillia) | Kinetic
  12. "Regiment" | Brian Eno - David Byrne | Anotherlatenight (Fila Brazillia) | Kinetic
  13. "Perfect Scrambled Eggs" | Negativland | Potatoes | Ralph
  14. "Super-Electric" | Stereolab | Too Pure - The Peel Sessions | Dutch East India Trading
  15. "Acid, Bitter and Sad" | This Mortal Coil | Lonely Is An Eyesore | 4AD
  16. "The Selecter" | The Selecter | The 2 Tone Collection: A Checkered Past | Chrysalis
  17. "Let There Be More Darkness" | Robyn Hitchcock | Don't Let the Hope Close Down | Hope Springs
  18. "Atewo-Lara Ka Tepa Mo 'Se" | Segun Adewale | Out of Africa | Ryko
  19. "Omaha" | The Golden Palominos | Hard Cell | Celluloid
  20. "Aldeira de Okarimbe" | Neguinho da Beija Flor | Brazil Classics 2 - O Samba | Luaka Bop - Sire
  21. "Digital" | Joy Division | A Factory Sample | Factory
  22. "Bone Frequency" | The Inflatable Sideshow | Foxtrot | Graal
  23. "It's a Long Road" | Funky Porcini | Ninja Cuts: Funkjazztical Tricknology | Ninja Tune

next time: hello darkness, my old friend. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

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