Night Is Warm and the Stars Are Bright: Transmission 316, 2016 December 31


9j8dhz/rolling_stones_satanic_majesties.jpg Since we all had a free night, and the last night of the "calendar year" is a useless observance, the entire Catharsis Family Circus rolled into the WRFI studios. It was the first time we had done this in a while, so for those who don't live with her every day, Junior's performance on this episode is something of a...revelation, I daresay. I would be happy to listen to her program, if she had one, but I will also settle for her being a frequent guest on my program and deflating my pretensions (although considering Their Satanic Majesties Request a "masterpiece" is not a pretension). Elsewhere, Lady Catharsis shares a half-dozen "depressing" tunes with us, I completely botch a segue from Wanda Jackson to Thee Michelle Gun Elephant (I swear that one should have worked), and I play THE WRONG JUSTIFIED ANCIENTS OF MU-MU TRACK at the end of the program (it was supposed to be "Burn the Bastards").

I'm sure that, with all its shortcomings (at least I see them that way), this program will be a favorite for you listeners. More voices, actual debate, anyone in the studio besides me, etc. I know how these things work. So I guess it was good to close up 2016--a godawful year!--with a "good" show. We actually didn't do "that much" radio in 2016, "only" 60 programs, thanks to some wise policy (don't quote me on that) from management and my own hypering down. Here's to even fewer--and better--programs in 2017!

BOMBAST playlist, 2016 December 31, 2100-2300:

  1. "Let's Spend the Night Together" | Muddy Waters | Electric Mud | Chess
  2. "Kassi Ma Sumaya / Don't Cry" | Lobi Traore Group | Lobi Traore Group | Honest Jon's
  3. "Blue Yodel #6" | Wanda Jackson | The Party Ain't Over | Third Man
  4. "Lily" | Thee Michelle Gun Elephant | Collection | Alive
  5. "Badhead" | Buick | Sweatertongue | Lather
  6. "Down On The Street" | The Stooges | Fun House | Elektra - Rhino
  7. "Never Let The Same Bee Sting You Twice" | Richard "Rabbit" Brown | Aimer et Perdre: To Love And To Lose | Angry Mom Archives
  8. "Honey (Alternate Mix)" | Spacemen 3 | Losing Touch With Your Mind | Munster
  9. "Fin Roh" | Aisha Kandisha's Jarring Effects | Shabeesation | Rykodisc
  10. "Citadel" / "In Another Land" | The Rolling Stones | Their Satanic Majesties Request | London
  11. "The Last Amethyst Deceiver" | Coil | The Ape of Naples | Important
  12. "Too Late" | The Stoneman Family | Aimer et Perdre: To Love And To Lose | Angry Mom Archives
  13. "Facing East" | Thievery Corporation | The Richest Man In Babylon | Eighteenth Street Lounge
  14. "The Art of Parties" | Japan | Exorcising Ghosts | Virgin
  15. "I Need A Man" | Barbara Pittman | Hillbilly Fillies & Rockin' Chicks | Charly
  16. "December" | Teenage Fanclub | Bandwagonesque | Creation - Geffen
  17. "Radha Krsna" | Suns of Arqa | Solar Activity | 1979-2001    EMI
  18. "False Hearted Lover's Blues" | Dock Boggs | Aimer et Perdre: To Love And To Lose | Angry Mom Archives
  19. "Whitney Joins the JAMs" | The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu | Shag Times | KLF Communications

late in time behold him come

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