U_D_M Detour 23, 2016 November 6


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Guy LeBatard here, after a long absence, about which I can say I hope we didn't miss each other too much. In the fall, I somehow drifted once again into a semblance of "commitment" to a radio program at a certain time. So here I present the first such excursion. It certainly has the feel of a different time, one might say a "lost time," but nothing compared to the current "lost time." If that means anything.

Things are difficult south of the border, I know--you should (always) already know that you are welcome in my squat up north any time, that is, if you can find it. Or you can stay put and listen to this "podcast." Or you can listen while traveling. On this date I was obsessed, seemingly, with "Deep Love." It was a question in a bygone time: how deep is my love? As shallow or as deep as you like. It's not for me to say.

U_D_M playlist, 2016 November 6, 1700-1800:

  1. "Go (Loco Dice Mo' Strings Remix)" | Moby | Go (Loco Dice Remix) | Desolat
  2. "Act 2 / Dominas" | Carl Craig | More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art | SSR
  3. "Tori Karaage" | Detroit Swindle | Deep Love 100 | Dirt Crew
  4. "Boiling" | good guy mikesh | Deep Love 100 | Dirt Crew
  5. "Heaven & Earth - Part 1" | Paul Woolford | Heaven & Earth | Aus
  6. "Chemicality" | La Fleur | Cocoon Compilation P | Cocoon
  7. "Casino - Trev'dub" | Trevino | Casino | Aus
  8. "Ice Fractions 1B - Remix" | Silvershower | Ice Fractions 1 Remixes | Montage
  9. "Blvd." | Huerta | Deep Love 100 | Dirt Crew

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