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May 2013

Saturday Night Style: Transmission 34, 2013 May 25

juliaholtermaria7.jpgProfessional obligations conflicted with the afternoon time slot, so Bombast did a switcheroo with "Blues Unlimited" (not "Blues Station") and went nocturnal once again. I have to say, it felt good. I think the afternoon experiment has been fun, but this is my natural habitat.

Also, the lovely Julia Holter tunes sound like nighttime transmissions from...elsewhere. It is indeed a small world, wherein my old station makes a recording, which is then issued by a German record label, and subsequently played by me on my new station. The whole thing gives me a warm feeling inside.

There was a work party Saturday night, complete with pizza, and little kids running all over the place. We had to produce about 600 fundraising letters on very short notice, and get the envelopes stuffed and stamped. It is always great to see the office buzzing with activity, and fun to be involved in collective projects. Good times!

If you're in the terrestrial-broadcast listening area, watch for us in the Ithaca Festival parade, Wednesday 5/29, and visit our table in the Cornell Daily Sun lot on Friday the 31st and Saturday the 1st. Meanwhile, it does indeed seem that BOMBAST will have two more Saturday afternoon hullabaloos, this week and next.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 May 25, 2100-2300:

  1. Mikey Dread: "Saturday Night Style" [Mojo Magazine]
  2. The Fall: "Victrola Time" [Cherry Red]
  3. Classixx: "Hanging Gardens" [Innovative Leisure]
  4. Wild Nothing: "Ride" [Captured Tracks]
  5. Julia Holter: "Maria" [Human Ear] / "Physical Evidence"
  6. Âme: "Erkki" [Rush Hour]
  7. Akron/Family: "Whole World is Watching" [Dead Oceans]
  8. Witch: "Nasuka" [Now-Again]
  9. Stiv Bators: "Morrison Rant" [Bomp]
  10. Danny Scrilla: "Fallout - Goth Trad Remix" [Civil Music]
  11. The Collins Kids: "Shortnin' Bread Rock" [Sony Special Products] / "Listening Parlour"
  12. Roman Flugel: "Duck and Cover" [Rush Hour]
  13. Bibio: "The First Daffodils" [Warp]
  14. Marcus Worgull, Motor City Drum Ensemble: "Onassis" [Rush Hour]
  15. Julia Holter: "A Gold Thunder [Human Ear] / "Physical Evidence"
  16. Andy Cato: "Rear Window" [Apollo / R & S]
  17. Julia Holter: "2HB" [Human Ear] / "Physical Evidence"
  18. Pure X: "Rain at Dawn" [Acephale]
  19. Frikstailers: "Meloteamo" [ZZK]
  20. The Lions: "New Girl" [Stones Throw]
  21. COH: "Aniki" [Editions Mego]
  22. Julia Holter: "Je Vivroie Lament" [Human Ear] / "Physical Evidence"
  23. Beaches: "Weather" [Chapter Music]
  24. American Music Club: "Bad Liquor" [Demon] / "Listening Parlour"
  25. Brother JT: "T Rex Blues" [Thrill Jockey]
  26. Julia Holter: "In the Same Room" [Human Ear] / "Physical Evidence"
  27. Acoustic High-End Research: "Beer and Air" [Rush Hour]

next time: machine gun etiquette, misconstrued.

May 2013

When You Sing, the Itching Stops: Transmission 33, 2013 May 18

liveinstockholm.jpgBombast completes a hat-trick at the expense of iTunes, et. al., this week, thanks to the meatspace-only [as of now] release of LSXX by The Breeders, which contains the 7 tracks from Live in Stockholm that serve as this week's "Physical Evidence." Also, an irregular feature called "Junior Selector" makes its debut, with Catharsis Junior inserting two excellent songs into the playlist.

The real magic happens in the last half-hour of the program, thanks to my adherence to two basic guidelines: 1) When Jim Murphy, to whom I feel I basically owe this program's existence, asks me to play a record, I comply; 2) not coincidentally, the answer to most "improvisational" situations in live performance is to say "yes." Enjoy the David Roter Method, everyone.

I don't have much time to write this week [sorry], but I want to point out that: a) our schedule will be a bit inconsistent over the next couple of weeks, as the station and I run the personal and public gauntlet that is the triptych of weekends prior to, including, and after Memorial Day--watch the show's Facebook page and the station's Facebook page for updates; b) we hope to bring you some special things over the summer, including live in-studio performances and (hopefully) the fruit of some recent "outreach" that I have conducted. Stay tuned.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 May 18, 1500-1700:

  1. Visage: "Tar" [Polydor] / "Listening Parlour"
  2. Lukas Bohlender: "Club Chateau" [Compost Black]
  3. Lee "Scratch" Perry: "Inakaya (Japanese Food)" [M.O.D. Technologies]
  4. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: "A Fistful of Dub" [Echo Beach]
  5. AM & Shawn Lee: "Steppin' Out" [Park the Van]
  6. John Fred and the Playboys: "Boogie Children" [BBE]
  7. Witch: "Lazy Bones" [Now-Again]
  8. Dance of Freedom Project: "Stubborn Girls" [Not on Label] / "Junior Selector"
  9. Klaus Dinger & Japandorf: "Sketch No. 1_B" [Gronland]
  10. Dur-Dur Band: "Halelo" [Awesome Tapes from Africa]
  11. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: "I'm Gonna Kill That Woman" [Mute / Homestead]
  12. Survival: "Tragedy Reprise" [Thrill Jockey]
  13. Beaches: "Keep on Breaking Through" [Chapter Music]
  14. Co La: "Remarkable Features" [Software]
  15. John Lee Hooker: "Drug Store Woman" [Vee-Jay]
  16. The Breeders: "Shocker in Gloomtown" [Breeders Digest] / "Physical Evidence"
  17. The Breeders: "New Year" [Breeders Digest] / "Physical Evidence"
  18. The Breeders: "Hellbound" [Breeders Digest] / "Physical Evidence"
  19. The Breeders: "Saints " [Breeders Digest] / "Physical Evidence"
  20. The Breeders: "I Just Want to Get Along" [Breeders Digest] / "Physical Evidence"
  21. The Breeders: "S.O.S." [Breeders Digest] / "Physical Evidence"
  22. The Breeders: "Roi" [Breeders Digest] / "Physical Evidence"
  23. Frikstailers: "Mueve la Cuchi" [ZZK] / "Junior Selector"
  24. David Roter Method: "Bambo" [Unknown Tongue] / [Jim Murphy Selection]
  25. Blondie: "Here's Looking at You" [Chrysalis] / "Listening Parlour"
  26. Way Yes: "Tog Pebbles" [Not on Label]
  27. John Hughes Daydream: "Ebony Eyes" [Cut Mistake]
  28. Destroyer: "Leave Me Alone " [Mojo Magazine]
  29. The Men: "I Saw Her Face" [Sacred Bones]

next week: "phoning it in." Enjoy the music! --kid Catharsis

May 2013

Incorporate and Amalgamate: Transmission 32, 2013 May 11

peaceformom.jpegThis week's episode was a difficult puzzle to complete, and I admitted as much during one break when I said I couldn't find a segue into the Lord Kitchener song. Other than that, somehow this week's trail mix hit the spot; I received a nice compliment online and picked up a couple of virtual friends. I rely on this kind of thing since my own self-assessments are untrustworthy.

I don't have time for an extended post. But I will say that this past Saturday was a lot of fun. We broadcast some important and exclusive "public affairs" content and survived our first live sporting event on-air. During my show, the studio was bustling--in the "live room" next door, another host was doing a four-person recording for later broadcast, while a couple of management-types were shuttling equipment out to the Cass Park rink for that evening's roller-derby coverage, and yet another volunteer was taking a GPS unit up to our new transmitter location so that we can report accurate coordinates to the FCC.

londonistheplaceforme2.jpgI'm comparing this level of activity and capability with the way things were when Bombast began. The next episode effectively marks our six-month anniversary. We had what must be one of the softest launches in history, debuting the night before Thanksgiving with a couple of hours' notice and no promotion. The first two programs were mixed on a small console more appropriate for home recording than professional broadcast use, and I received strict instructions not to adjust any of the faders before being left completely alone in the studio. No one came in on any kind of business, and I knew that no one would--there was very little "business" then. It almost feels like a real radio station now.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 May 11, 1500-1700:

  1. Marnie Stern: "Nothing is Easy" [Kill Rock Stars]
  2. West African Rhythm Brothers: "Adura" [Honest Jon's]
  3. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: "Rasta Pasta" [Echo Beach]
  4. Akron/Family: "Way Up" [Dead Oceans]
  5. King Timothy: "Gerrard Street" [Honest Jon's]
  6. Paula Kelly Orchestra: "Life for Life" [Brainwashed] / "Physical Evidence"
  7. The African Messengers: "Highlife Piccadilly" [Honest Jon's]
  8. Walls: "Ecstasy" [Mojo Magazine]
  9. Wolf People: "NRR" [Jagjaguwar]
  10. Adventure: "Nervous" [Carpark]
  11. Matmos: "Staircase" [Brainwashed] / "Physical Evidence"
  12. Eric Hayden: "Give Her the No. 1" [Honest Jon's]
  13. Kristin Hersh: "What'll We Do with the Baby-O" [4AD] / "Listening Parlour"
  14. Dean Blunt: "Dread" [Hippos in Tanks]
  15. Beacon: "Late November" [Ghostly International]
  16. Lord Kitchener: "My Wife's Nightie" [Honest Jon's]
  17. Nudge: "Greener" [Brainwashed] / "Physical Evidence"
  18. Melvins: "Carpe Diem" [Ipecac]
  19. Danny Scrilla: "Thorium" [Civil Music]
  20. Young Growler: "V for Victory" [Honest Jon's]
  21. PJ Harvey: "Victory" [Island]
  22. Lord Beginner: "Mix Up Matrimony" [Honest Jon's]
  23. U Roy: "Drive Her Home" [Virgin / Frontline]
  24. Johnny Cash: "I Got a Boy and His Name is John" [Columbia] / "Listening Parlour"
  25. Colin Stetson: "What Are They Doing in Heaven Tonight?" [Constellation]
  26. Randweg: "Comico Pera" [Funken]
  27. A Place to Bury Strangers: "Sunbeam" [Brainwashed] / "Physical Evidence"
  28. Ulrich Schnauss: "A Ritual in Time and Death" [Scripted Realities]

Just so you know, I almost wrote the phrase "I couldn't find a segue into 'My Wife's Nightie.'" But I stopped myself, until I didn't.

May 2013

Test Pattern: Transmission 31, 2013 May 7

braggpeelsessions.jpgIn a surprise show thrown together on short notice, Bombast cleans out the "junk drawer," unleashing a host of tunes that were scheduled for airplay at some point in the past but were shelved for various reasons. Listen, and you will hear little difference between this and a "real" Bombast program. Whether that demonstrates that even the "overflow" music is great or that my "regular" selection isn't that good is something you can decide for yourself. The introductory sound file at the top of the program does something I don't expect it to do, which actually turns out to be a blessing--like a pitcher who gives up a base hit in the first at bat, I no longer feel the pressure to throw a perfect game, and I settle in.

Yes, Billy Bragg was in town a couple of weeks ago, and no, we did not get to see him--no money and no time. Months and months ago I had big plans for his arrival, but did not expect back then that I would become a "management type" and be saddled with "responsibilities." So things kind of fell through the cracks. Then, my sporadic, unofficial "Bombast v. iTunes" feature intervened--I'm not in charge of when records are released, I just "answer the call"--and even my minimal nod to Mr. Bragg had to be deferred. It was weird and disappointing that no one asked us whether WRFI was "doing anything" related to Billy Bragg's concert at the State; maybe I overestimated the number of people who care. I had deemed Billy Bragg too well-appreciated for the Bombast Hall of Legends, but I will have to re-think that. At any rate, as it always was with my heroes at Factory Records (this would be a non-sequitur, right here), all my "big ideas" wind up being several days late and several dollars short.

Lately the word "pathology" has repeatedly surfaced in our online and in-person radio discourse, and thankfully, that has referred to other people--at least it has when I've been party to the discussions. My experiences in radio past and present demonstrate that it brings out the weirdness in people, and I don't put myself above that. My involvement in WRFI is a kind of therapy for me, and therapy is not meant to be easy. I am learning a good deal about my own pettiness, insecurity, and jealousy. Some days I do a pretty good job managing it; some days I feel as though the bad stuff is being triggered. I had some "triggering" experiences Tuesday night but, listening to the program, I think I hid it well.

Anyway, speaking of pathologies--did you know that I have a cyber-stalker? It's true. A few weeks ago I posted a notice about a programming change on someone's Facebook page--not even the station's, mind you--and an individual unknown to me shared that post with one of my colleagues. I actually received an incoherent and minor scolding for it. I'm not trying to make light of stalking--I was once stalked in real life, by someone dangerous enough to be institutionalized--but it does amuse me that someone feels compelled to follow and report on my volunteer-community-radio-station moves on the Internet, as if there are real stakes, and it strikes me that that's appropriate punishment in and of itself. Anyway, say hello to the mole, everyone--I'm sure that person is among us here.

It is "true" that our schedule is supposed to change in the next few weeks. I have an idea of where I'm hoping Bombast will fit into the week, but we're getting ahead of ourselves.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 May 7, 2100-2300:

  1. Fugazi: "Steady Diet" [Dischord]
  2. Janka Nabay & Bubu Gang: "En Yay Sah" [Luaka Bop]
  3. Toby Tobias: "Running Away (Homeboy Dub)" [Burek]
  4. Billy Bragg: "Strange Things Happen" [Dutch East India Trading] / "Physical Evidence"
  5. Wild Billy Chyldish and the Spartan Dreggs: "The Sir John Hawkins Memorial Car Park" [Damaged Goods]
  6. Burning Spear: "Institution Dub" [Mango UK]
  7. The Evens: "Wonder Why" [Dischord]
  8. Dawda Jobarteh: "Tama Silo" [Stern's Africa]
  9. Girls Against Boys: "Kitty-Yo" [Slate / Adult Swim]
  10. Billy Bragg: "Love Gets Dangerous" [Dutch East India Trading] / "Physical Evidence"
  11. Kiasmos: "Thrown (FaltyDL remix)" [Erased Tapes]
  12. Billy Bragg: "A New England" [Dutch East India Trading] / "Physical Evidence"
  13. Fallou Dieng: "Jog Leen" [Stern's Africa]
  14. Withered Hand: "Heart Heart" [Brother & Dad]
  15. Bad Brains: "Riot Squad / The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth" [PVC]
  16. Cassegrain: "The Rain is a Spilling Lake" [Prologue]
  17. Half Man Half Biscuit: "The Coroner's Footnote" [Probe Plus]
  18. Billy Bragg: "Fear is a Man's Best Friend" [Dutch East India Trading] / "Physical Evidence"
  19. Ablaye Thiossane: "Talene Lampe Yi" [Stern's Africa]
  20. John Talabot: "Zanzibar (80s tapemix)" [Permanent Vacation]
  21. Billy Bragg: "A13, Trunk Road to the Sea" [Dutch East India Trading] / "Physical Evidence"
  22. Scream: "Still Screaming" [Sixth Int'l / Dischord]
  23. Gabriel Ananda: "Short Story" [Basmati]

Next time: some pieces for moms. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

May 2013

Shakespeare in Dub: Transmission 30, 2013 May 04

llwybrllaethog.jpegThis week's highlights include Lady Catharsis smacking the stuffing out of two belt-high fastballs with a pair of "dreary" selections, one from the 1/4-Welsh Velvet Underground and another from the fully-Welsh Tom Jones, as well as a host of new tunes, several of which also happen to come from Wales. It just transpired that way.

Bombast does not focus on "international" music, or on "obscure" music--it just works out that much of the music I like is under-appreciated stuff from all over the place. This week marked one of those happy confluences of events: I finally "found" a record that had been on my radar (Y Record Las, released on Recordiau Lliwgar) and Neon Neon released a new album, prompting me to do something I'd been meaning to do, which was to give old favorites Llwybr Llaethog their turn under the "Physical Evidence" microscope.

As much as I would like to tell you a story about "Da!" that involves difficulty of acquisition, failed romance, or some similar adventure, I don't have any particular memories about this record. I've simply owned it for 25 years [or whatever it is], and consider it one of the treasures of my collection. It doesn't take me back to a moment in time, because Llwybr Llaethog never really had a "moment." I guess you could say there was a brief period when various parties--Side Effects Records, ROIR, the "Funky Alternatives" people--thought maybe there was some interest in what Llwybr Llaethog were doing, but if it ever translated into "success" for the band, I missed it.

While other people must own Llwybr Llaethog records, I have never met one. I'm not boasting about that, merely stating a fact. Bombast isn't really about how awesome my record collection is [okay, maybe it is a bit]; it is meant to give exposure to great music you're not likely to hear in other places. When is the last time you heard Llwybr Llaethog on the radio? Exactly. Now you can consider yourself a dabbler in Welsh industrial/dub/hip-hop music. This is some good science to drop at your next cocktail party. Don't thank me, it's my pleasure.

Oh, and in other news, the people at Soundway dropped another absolute bombshell this week, the "Kenya Special" collection. We will definitely hear more from that later. If only Google Translate offered "Bantu" as an option.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 May 04, 1500-1700:

  1. Afro 70: "Afrousa - Move On" [Soundway]
  2. Ymarfer Corff: "Hi Yw'r Haul" [Recordiau Lliwgar]
  3. The Lulus Band: "Mutumia Muriu" [Soundway]
  4. Llwybr Llaethog: "Ai Bod" [Side Effects] / "Physical Evidence"
  5. Cheick Hamala Diabate: "Prudence (Jon Kennedy Mix)" [Electric Cowbell]
  6. Ifan Dafydd and Alys Williams: "Celwydd" [Recordiau Lliwgar]
  7. Tom Jones: "Delilah" [Parrot / Decca] / "Listening Parlour"
  8. Born Losers: "Mindwaves" [Mean Disposition]
  9. Seekae: "Ultraviolence" [Mojo Magazine]
  10. Dur-Dur Band: "Aada Fududey Iga Ahow" [Awesome Tapes from Africa]
  11. Llwybr Llaethog with Rufus Mufasa: "Rhagfarn" [Recordiau Lliwgar]
  12. Section 25: "Program for Light (Outernationale Mix)" [Factory Benelux]
  13. Ital Tek: "Re Entry" [Civil Music]
  14. Lord Kitchener: "Kitch's Mambo Calypso" [Honest Jon's]
  15. Fela Kuti and Africa 70: "Monkey Banana" [Knitting Factory Records]
  16. Neon Neon: "Praxis Makes Perfect" [Lex]
  17. Llwybr Llaethog: "Cyfundrefn Gyfalafol" [Side Effects] / "Physical Evidence"
  18. The Mombasa Vikings: "Kibe Kibe" [Soundway]
  19. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: "Armagideon Time" [Echo Beach]
  20. The Velvet Underground: "Black Angel's Death Song" [Verve] / "Listening Parlour"
  21. H. Hawkline: "Cric Yn Y Cymlau" [Recordiau Lliwgar]
  22. The Men: "Bird Song" [Sacred Bones]
  23. Llwybr Llaethog: "Megamics" [Side Effects] / "Physical Evidence"

Next time: a special "pre" Mother's Day piece of Physical Evidence. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

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