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Dec 2015

U_D_M Detour 14, 2014 November 14

diversion.jpgBonjour, LeBatard here, “here” being an undisclosed location in the not-frozen North. I didn’t buy you anything for Christmas, but I do have this program from the somewhat distant past to share with you. It cost me more than you know.

Since I am a free spirit, I often occupy the booth alone, but on this night I am joined for the first and only time. My co-host’s name is Faustine de la Rue, and she is, twice over. She and I plow through a multifaceted soundtrack for hedonism and adventure. We also butcher the entertainment calendar, and I injure myself in the studio. IT IS A DANGEROUS LIFE.

U_D_M playlist, 2014 November 14, 1900-2000:

  1. "Mold Trip" | William Kouam Djoko | Satisfied | mobilee
  2. "Flying Suns" | UNER | Tune 432 | DIYNamic
  3. "Ringbahn" | Maxim Wolzyn | Intercity Express | SVS
  4. "For You - Deepchord Reconstruction #1" | Fluxion | Broadwalk Tales Remix | Echocord
  5. "Forbidden Place" | Esa | Serenity In A Forbidden Place | Burek
  6. "Looking From A Hilltop (Stephen Morris Mix)" | Section 25 | From the Hip [30th anniversary reissue] | Factory Benelux
  7. "No. No... (John Tejada Mix)" | The Field | Kompakt: Total 14 | Kompakt
  8. "In Your System" | Tin Man | ODE | Acid Test

boreds of canada

Dec 2015

If You Finish, There’s Hot Chocolate: Transmission 249, 2015 December 2

comsatangelseyeofthelens.jpg"You need to figure out how to be nice to yourself." Both Lady Catharsis and my counselor tell me this, so I am guessing there is some truth to it. This will take some figuring, but I can start by saying this is a pretty good program, verbal gaffes notwithstanding.

I really, really embarrassed DJ Andrea with what I said about her program in the beginning. Were we joking? I'm not sure. I will say that everything I tell anyone about BOMBAST is meant to be repeated. I have no reservations about it. At any rate we do struggle to find an audience for our music programs at WRFI, stranded as we are between an older demographic that doesn't know how to use computers and a younger demographic that doesn't get its music from the radio. Is either demographic "white?" This is Ithaca, son. (...and Watkins Glen.)

BOMBAST has always strived to be music for depressed, middle-aged people of mixed race who may also suffer from anxiety and various "adaptive strategies" gone wrong. However many of us there are! I think we have succeeded, and I'm not even "being nice" to myself when I say that. I honestly think it is the truth.

As for repeating the words that other people say, I will strive to be better. "You had a thought," my counselor told me today, "but you didn't act on it." I don't always have to, except when I do.

BOMBAST PLAYLIST, 2015 December 2, 2100-2300:

  1. "Le coeur de la ville bat pour nous" | Police des Moeurs | Ceux Qui Restent | Mannequin
  2. "Eye of the Lens" | The Comsat Angels | Eye of the Lens | Polydor | "Physical Evidence"
  3. "Flicker - Dag Rosenqvist Remix" | Graveyard Tapes | I'm on Fire (White Rooms Remixes) | Lost Tribe
  4. "Terrain" | Julia Kent | Asperities | Leaf
  5. "Obsidian" | Benjamin Damage | Obsidian | 50Weapons
  6. "At Sea" | The Comsat Angels | Eye of the Lens | Polydor | "Physical Evidence"
  7. "Almost There" | John Foxx & The Belbury Circle | In a Moment...Ghost Box | Ghost Box
  8. "Access Granted" | Gregor Garnutsi | Dark Acid V | Clan Destine
  9. "Life Inside a Paradox" | Lost Horizons | Rainy Day Record / Life Inside a Paradox | Bella Union
  10. "More Basile" | Sergie Rezza | Sergie Rezza | desire
  11. "Sirens" | Ms. John Soda | Loom | Morr
  12. "Charlie" | Loscil | Plume [reissue] | kranky
  13. "288-1" | Conrad Schnitzler & Pyrolator | Con-Struct | Bureau B
  14. "Stupid People" | Evil Blizzard | Everybody Come to Church | Louder Than War
  15. "Gone" | The Comsat Angels | Eye of the Lens | Polydor | "Physical Evidence"
  16. "End" | Monuments | From the Future: The 1982-1983 Tapes | Mannequin
  17. "Horse Thief" | Birds of Prey | Birds of Prey | Kathexis
  18. "Return to White Mountain" | Master Musicians of Bukkake | Further West Quad Cult | Important
  19. "Mind-Body Problems" | CW/A | Words Unspoken, Acts Undone | Parachute
  20. "Here and Now" | Ride | Nowhere25 | Ride Music
  21. "Joke Shop" | The Wake | Make It Loud | Les Temps Modernes
  22. "Another World" | The Comsat Angels | Eye of the Lens | Polydor | "Physical Evidence"
  23. "Music For Commercials" | Coil | The Consequences of Raising Hell | Threshold Archives
  24. "The Sedge" | Max Loderbauer / Claudio Putin / Samuel Rohrer | ambiq 2 | Arjunamusic
  25. "Rainy Day Record" | Mercury Rev | Rainy Day Record / Life Inside a Paradox | Bella Union
  26. "Attaining the Third State" | Roj | In a Moment...Ghost Box | Ghost Box
  27. "The Sea" | Coma | This Side of Paradise | Kompakt
  28. "courtmis" | aldenwels | but why hide? | JASS

I can't find anyone to doubt it

Dec 2015

Cruising Altitude Departure 13, 2014 November 8

DSC03457.jpgHello friends, it's me, the Captain. Or, let's say, "a" Captain. This life has taken many things away from me but I will always have that. Mind you, I don't always bring this up. It is irrelevant in most social contexts. Every now and then someone will address me in this way, taking me aback (and back). I try, like my colleagues at this site, to live in the present.

And yet: here is a departure from a year ago, posting just now, so it appears I am not doing such a good job. Apologies. It is hard work, my sinecure, my self-repair, and...other tasks. Anyway, this program was, I think, a transition out of an "earthy" phase I went through last fall. Every now and then I must remind myself, it seems, of my proper element. The goal is "pure ego life," whatever the Mattson 2 say.

CRUISING ALTITUDE playlist, 2014 November 8, 1400-1500:

  1. "Sadness On A Cloud" | Monolog | Merge | Ad Noiseam
  2. "Explorer / Cartographer" | Ormonde | Cartographer / Explorer | Gizeh
  3. "Devon Saturday" | Tarwater | Adrift | Bureau B
  4. "Holding" | Grouper | Ruins | Kranky
  5. "Military Saints II" | Virile Games | Wounded Laurel | Hospital
  6. "Veery" | Off Land | Quinarian | Psychonavigation
  7. "Day Drift" | Koshi Kamata | Seven Most | Offshoot
  8. "Astral" | Marcelus | Shine | Tresor
  9. "In Repair" | (ghost) | A Vast And Decaying Appearance | n5MD
  10. "For You - Deepchord Reconstruction #2" | Fluxion | Broadwalk Tales Remix | Echocord
  11. "Blue Anchor" | Kemper Norton | Loor | Front And Follow
  12. "Pure Ego Death" | The Mattson 2 | Agar | Um Yeah Arts
  13. "Federn Kegeln" | Springintgut & F.S. Blumm | The Bird and White Noise | Pingipung
  14. "Cataracts" | Objekt | Flatland | PAN

a warm body

Dec 2015

Emergency Festivals Are Still Festive: Transmission 248, 2015 November 28

Evidence-13-grid-940x709.jpgWELL, well well. Look at us, all caught up at last. Our newer, lazier schedule has reaped at least one benefit, thank goodness. Here is a program that happened on really short notice because DJ Kristi was sick a few nights ago. Because all critics become voices in my head, this felt like stealing, even although a hypothetical, objective observer (as elusive as the "frictionless surface" of elementary physics problems) might call this "helping."

As is often the case, I was multitasking, so you must take the good segues with the bad. Or not--I guess you could always find a more professional mixtape to listen to. I really did think "Rat Race" would work, and I didn't mean to screw up "Senses" as badly as I did. Finally, OF COURSE the last Joy Division song was "Twenty Four Hours," the ditty that launched a thousand bass tones--or is it one bass tone reiterated a thousand times? Anyway, a part of me knew this in the moment but managed to botch the backannouncing, as I always seem to.

I did manage to tae care of some "business" here, in Festival of Evidence v3.1, that I had meant to take care of a couple of weeks ago when we did the "real thing." But who's to say what's real?

BOMBAST playlist, 2015 November 28, 1900-2100:

  1. "Prism Split (A Scrying Song)" | Campbell Irvine | Reunion of Two Bodies | Infrastructure New York
  2. "Elektro (He Held the World in His Iron Grip)" | Stereolab | Low Fi | Too Pure
  3. "Suicide" | Spacemen 3 | Losing Touch with Your Mind | Munster
  4. "Incubation / Wilderness / Twenty Four Hours" | Joy Division | Preston 28 February 1980 | Drastic Plastic
  5. "Slicer Dubplate (Version 2)" | Twilight Circus Dub Soundsystem | Brain in the Wire | Brainwashed
  6. "Urban Gamelan" | 23 Skidoo | Beyond Time | Les Disques Du Crepuscule
  7. "Moussa Poussy Galore!" | Unknown Artists | Radio Niger | Sublime Frequencies
  8. "Harmonics" | Fridge | Brain in the Wire | Brainwashed
  9. "What in the World" | The Other Side | Last of the Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 1 | Crypt
  10. "Senses" | New Order | The Peel Sessions | Strange Fruit
  11. "Egbe Board" | Sunny Ade and His Green Spot Band | Vol. 4 - Stereo Recording in London | African Songs
  12. "Overload" | Interference | Volume 3 | Volume
  13. "Rat Race" | The Specials | The BBC Sessions | EMI
  14. "Cavatina" | Heavenly Bodies | Celestial | C'est La Mort
  15. "Love Cuts" | Chris & Cosey | Action | LD
  16. "Happy Hour" | Felix Da Housecat | Kittenz And Thee Glitz | City Rockers
  17. "Panic" | Coil | Panic | Threshold Archves
  18. "Sunburst" | Loop | Wolf Flow | Reactor
  19. "Let's Sail Away (Remix)" | Honey Tongue | Volume 3 | Volume

when they see me they run away

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