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Oct 2019

U_D_M Detour 35, 2019 June 22

Genius_of_Time_-_Peace_Bird.jpg[GUEST POST]

C'est moi, Guy LeBatard, back here with you once more. I cannot help but notice how the tables have turned! When last I posted, it was because the impatient Kid Catharsis shamed and hounded me into sharing a broadcast. And now he is slowing things down (though I must ask, as always, relative to what?). Anyway, the time for trash talk is over. Let us dance, or run on the treadmill, or whatever we do with these sounds.

For some, this may have been a summer of disaster or upheaval, but as I live a vacation lifestyle all the time these things never touch me. I was in good form on this night, "ESPN" notwithstanding. We disavow these gaffes; we are a different person every day. The energies act upon us for a while, we are gone, we were never here.

U_D_M playlist, 2019 June 22, 1900-2000:

  1. "Eye of Re" | Fort Romeau | Heaven & Earth | Permanent Vacation
  2. "Aluxes" | Iñigo Vontier | Aluxes EP | Lumiere Noire
  3. "Still Grey - DJ Seinfeld Mix" | Pendulum | The Reworks | Earstorm
  4. "Plus Loin" | Unnayanaa ft. Erika Lernot | India Gets Physical Vol. 01 | Get Physical
  5. "This One's For You" | Kassian | Faux Polynesia | Phonica White
  6. "Smiling Into Eternity" | Genius of Time | Peace Bird EP | Running Back
  7. "Risa" | Lorenz Rhode | Risa EP | Dirt Crew
  8. "Everything Is Nice" | Sharif Laffrey | Tangier | ESP Institute
  9. "Hotness - DJ Oyster Edit" | TNT | Analogue Acid Project 3 | Running Back

It's all around you

Oct 2019

I Feel Something I Want To Be, Lesson One: Look at Me: Transmission 472, 2019 June 19

J_Dilla_Donuts_original.jpgWith this here transmission I am happy to announce that rarest of occasions, the beginning of a concept. Even better: I didn't know it at the time. On this night I thought I was merely doing an "observance," finally giving June 19 the proper treatment. I am embarrassed to find that I have made radio appearances on this date on two previous occasions; if we were in the mood, we might defend me by saying I was obligated to do "other things," whether it was to continue my segmented induction of Coil into the Hall of Legends or to give a friend airtime for his otherwise unaired music. But let's be honest: at best I was more naive, more delusional then.

So how would I describe myself now? Definitely more "willful." And on this night, four months ago? Definitely determined albeit aimless. Where the Detroit set came from I'll never really know; turns out it's a pretty musical city? Meanwhile I was openly refusing requests on this night, easily impressed with my best segues (which on the night were not great), and doing the best I could with my self-imposed limitations.

In the future, as this one-time thing turns out not to be, things will open up a bit, for better and for worse. A wobbly but successful opening salvo, in the battle against...I don't know, naivete? Surely part of my "unbroken former self" was the knowledge of who I was. Ultimately the journey of this program has to take us "back" there.

BOMBAST playlist, 2019 June 19, 2100-2300:

  1. "(It's Not the Express) It's the J.B.'s Monaurail" | The J.B.'s | Pass the Peas: The Best of the J.B.'s (Reissue) | Polydor
  2. "African Rhythms" | Oneness of Juju | Africafunk: The Original Sound Of 1970s Funky Africa | Harmless
  3. "Sanctified" | The Veldt | The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur - The Drake Equation | Leonard Skully
  4. "Happy Hour" | Felix Da Housecat | Kittenz And Thee Glitz | City Rockers
  5. "Butterfly" | Carl Craig | More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art | SSR
  6. "Kung Fu" | The Dirtbombs | Ultraglide In Black | In The Red
  7. "Let's Go Out Tonight" | John Lee Hooker | The Real Folk Blues: John Lee Hooker | Chess / MCA
  8. "Donuts (Outro)" / "Workinonit" / "Waves" / "Light My Fire" / "The New" / "Stop" / "People" / "The Diff'rence" | J Dilla | Donuts | Stones Throw
  9. "Politicians In My Eyes" | Death | ...For the Whole World to See | Drag City
  10. "She's Alright" | Muddy Waters | Electric Mud | Chess
  11. "They Gave Me Away" | Champion Jack Dupree | Forever and Ever | Bullseye Blues
  12. "Third Stone from the Sun" | The Jimi Hendrix Experience | Are You Experienced | Reprise
  13. "I Snuck Off the Slave Ship" | Lonnie Holley | MITH | Jagjaguwar

Our days of comfort, days of night

Oct 2019

We Are Running Out of Love in the Time of Lexapro: Transmission 471, 2019 June 12

Big_Joanie_-_Sistahs.jpgHere we are, at the end of a concept. At least that's what I think, though as always I didn't know it at the time. I did not even "give up" on account of this night's disasters. Earlier in the evening I'd been accosted by the guy on the commons hawking his shitty rap cd; having already made the mistake of buying it a few years ago, tonight I said "no thanks" as I walked by, only for him to tell me to "shut the fuck up." Ok, happy to. It was the dreaded "playlist reporting" period at the station, but when I arrived my laptop "arbitrarily" decided it wasn't doing internet anymore, so that was a neat obstacle. I began recording my show late, as you will hear--apologies to The Durutti Column. And I couldn't give away tickets to Stop Making Sense, from which I can only conclude that absolutely no one was listening.

"What else can go wrong," I ask at one point, though without these disclosures you might not know it from hearing hour 1. Sure, the Slits segue was late, and the Underground Youth segue was too soon. (What would Bombast be, without, etc.). It's not a terrible mixtape. I might well have continued in this vein, had I not been "radicalized," for lack of a better description. But I was, so I haven't.

I'm sure the program will continue to sound just as ragged and haphazard, but maybe more intentional "going forward." And, yes, this is a difference. My therapist says I have more power now--is it because I have changed, or did I change because of it? The forensic analysis is not yet complete. But things are different now.

Was it good, while it lasted? Mostly, sure. I mean let's hope so. I spent more than six years on this.

BOMBAST playlist, 2019 June 12, 2100-2300:

  1. "Fridays (Up-Person Mix)" | The Durutti Column | Obey The Time [reissue] | Factory Benelux
  2. "Really" | Johannes Klingbiel | It's Ok to Cry | Mireia
  3. "Barbarians (feat. Disco Fries & Kassiano)" | Tommie Sunshine | Hugs for Chelsea: benefit for Chelsea Manning | not on label
  4. "Mabbrooka" | Ifriqiyya Electrique | Laylet El Booree | Glitterbeat
  5. "Take Me Home" | Follow Me Not | Come On Feel The NoiZe, Vol. 5 - Amour pour la France | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  6. "Mauna Kea" | ANF | Mauna Kea | Pacific Rhythm
  7. "Revival" | transmission 13 | The Edge Of The World | self-released
  8. "Over & Over" | Seahawks | Eyes of the Moon | Cascine
  9. "God Codex" | Renegade Pharmacy | Recovery Position | self-released
  10. "Telegraph" | Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark | Dazzle Ships [reissue] | Virgin
  11. "Petr Petr" | Minotaur Shock | MINO | Bytes
  12. "Houses In Motion" | A Certain Ratio | Houses In Motion | Mute
  13. "Overdrive" | Giuda | Overdrive | Rise Above
  14. "Way Out" | Big Joanie | Sistahs | Daydream Library Series
  15. "Charm Assault" | Ride | Weather Diaries | Wichita
  16. "Zenith, Pt. 2" | The Lucid Dream | Actualisation | Holy Are You
  17. "Feeling Gravitys Pull" | The Silence Kit | Welcome To The Occupation, A Reverence to R.E.M. | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  18. "Love In The Time Of Lexapro" | Oneohtrix Point Never | Love In The Time Of Lexapro | WARP
  19. "Let a hundred flowers bloom, let a hundred schools of thought contend." | Sampleman and the Music Mutant | Newest New | self-released
  20. "Freedom Fighter" | Bowery Electric | Lushlife [reissue] | Beggars Banquet
  21. "Terry Waite Sez" | The Fall | Bend Sinister / The ‘Domesday’ Pay-Off Triad-Plus! | Beggars Banquet
  22. "Shoplifting" | The Slits | Cut [reissue] | Island
  23. "Blind II" | The Underground Youth | Montage Images Of Lust & Fear | Fuzz Club
  24. "S.U.S." | The Ruts | The Crack [reissue] | Virgin
  25. "The Crawler" | Ty Segall & Freedom Band | Deforming Lobes | Drag City
  26. "Wheel of Yew" | Bilge Pump | We Love You | Gringo
  27. "Heron" | Palms Trax | To Paradise | Dekmantel
  28. "Infinity Return" | The Love Dimension | Dream Decibels | Dodecagan
  29. "Djougou Yah - Perc Mix" | Laolu & Mr. Raoul K. | Djougou Yah - EP | Compost

He's an Elmer Gantry type person, don't listen to him

Oct 2019

Flying Aboard the Seduction 747: Transmission 470, 2019 June 7

Prince.jpgWhatever we had bickered about earlier in the week must have resolved itself, because Lady Catharsis joined me on this broadcast, so I invite you to enjoy what is basically a two-hour trip to "The Listening Parlour." We made two observances on this night, and because I had a guest, these were a little out of balance. A little. I try to play whatever Lady Catharsis tells me to; if she brings in a dozen records I will try to play them all. Here she brings in a couple of Tom Jones records and I do the best I can with them. For my part, if I remember correctly the concept was "lounge music." I'm not sure how well I did.

Prince didn't get as much bandwidth as he deserved, though I did save "International Lover" for the all-important coda. I could have played the entirety of 1999 but I think it might have been too much for my wife. A few weeks later I was out with a few #theorycamp-ers at a dreary karaoke bar, and someone asked me what my karaoke song would be. Mind you--it would take a lot for me to do this kind of thing, and I did not have "a lot" in me on this night; but after a decent amount of thought I landed on "Little Red Corvette." I think I could at least give Sandra Bernhard a run for her money? Anyway.

Even so I like the concept of Prince even better than the reality of Prince; maybe, given things I've heard and read about him, that is inevitable. Lady C tells me that Tom Jones told an "off-color" joke at the gig she attended. Maybe we should abjure all of this music. Maybe we have made mistakes. I'm still thinking about this.

You know what isn't a mistake? You know what is a true instance of the divine reaching down and grazing my humble program ever so briefly? Something made me say "deboo" as I remember (maybe not even correctly?) Robert Studley Forrest Hughes saying it. Which led me to this clip, and ultimately the Bryan Ferry track.

Of course, as fate would have it, Hughes did a racism at least one time, and so we are reminded that everything is broken.

BOMBAST playlist, 2019 June 7, 2100-2300:

  1. "Roseland" | Rocketnumbernine / Four Tet | Roseland | Text
  2. "I Can't Stop Loving You" | Tom Jones | Live In Las Vegas | Parrot
  3. "The Man With the Golden Arm" | Barry Adamson | The Man With the Golden Arm | Mute
  4. "Despedida" | Dimba Diangola | Angola Soundtrack 2 - Hypnosis, Distortion & Other Innovations 1969 - 1978 | Analog Africa
  5. "2HB" | Julia Holter | Maria | Human Ear
  6. "Clear Skies Select Stick (Vakula Remix)" | The Greg Foat Group | Girl and Robot with Flowers Remixed EP | Jazzman
  7. "Venus" | Tom Jones | Tom | Parrot
  8. "Adiza Claire" | Orchestre Super Borgou De Parakou | The Bariba Sound 1970-1976 | Analog Africa
  9. "Nagisa No Tenshi" | Mieko Hirota | Nippon Girls | Big Beat
  10. "20 Jazz Funk Greats" | Throbbing Gristle | Greatest Hits - Entertainment Through Pain | Industrial
  11. "1nce Upon A Time" | Leslie Winer | Witch | Superior Viaduct
  12. "Cheree" | Suicide | Suicide | Red Star
  13. "Proud Mary" | Tom Jones | Tom | Parrot
  14. "Koi No Yorokobi" | Sayuri Yoshinaga With Schoolmates | Nippon Girls | Big Beat
  15. "Gentleman" | Fela Kuti | Gentleman | Knitting Factory
  16. "The 'In' Crowd" | Bryan Ferry | Another Time, Another Place | Island
  17. "Twist and Shout" | Tom Jones | Live In Las Vegas | Parrot
  18. "Anamorphose" | Stereolab | Mars Audiac Quintet (Expanded Edition) | Duophonic
  19. "International Lover" | Prince | 1999 | Warner Records

I'll live my life in dreams of yesterday

Oct 2019

You Know How To Sing, You’re a Diplomat: Transmission 469, 2019 June 5

Gaye_Su_Akyol.pngAt the beginning of June, everything was "normal" for me. Surely I was preparing for #theorycamp, all by myself, without a student assistant. I was avoiding the work that needed doing at home--getting ready for our move. Lady Catharsis and I were squabbling, whether it was about that or something else. Check out her "Listening Parlour" intro! She was not having it on this day. But she is a professional, a "diamond," if you will.

I am going through the motions in writing this blurb, just as I must have been going through the motions on this broadcast. Nevertheless it is a solid first hour, "close to the platonic ideal," as my notes say (even my notes are pretentious and full of shit). The Leathers, Captain Wardrobe, and Lurkers segues were terrible, if I recall, and I probably don't. As always, the music in between was good. All of this, though, comes with the subtext of a heavy sigh, as this "concept" of the program is approaching its end. Do you know what isn't going through the motions, though, what isn't accompanied by sighing? The Psychedelic Furs. No misgivings about that.

BOMBAST playlist, 2019 June 5, 2100-2300:

  1. "Marooned" | Wire | Chairs Missing | Pink Flag
  2. "Sleeping Tiger" | Pete Astor | Spilt Milk | Slumberland
  3. "Gravity's Angel" | Laurie Anderson | Mister Heartbreak | Warner Bros.
  4. "Ecopoiesis" | Umwelt | Ecopoiesis | Voltax
  5. "An ba siel" | DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson | Aimez ces airs | Hot Casa
  6. "Hypochondriac" | John Tejada | Dead Start Program | Kompakt
  7. "Phantom Heart" | LEATHERS | Artoffact Records 2019 | Artoffact
  8. "Ivor" | The Buff Medways | Steady the Buffs [reissue] | Damaged Goods
  9. "M-U-S-I-C" | Normal Brain | Lady Maid | WRWTFWW
  10. "Some Day Soon - Burn Mix" | C Cat Trance | Screaming Ghosts | Emotional Rescue / Malka Tuti
  11. "Sweet Dust" | Kez YM | Cross Section | Faces
  12. "Dublin" | HNNY | 2014.12.31 | Omena
  13. "If You Love Your Neighbor You No Go Die" | Rock Town Express | Funky Makossa | Comb & Razor
  14. "Şahmeran" | Gaye Su Akyol | İstikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir | Glitterbeat
  15. "She's a Diamond" | Opal | Early Recordings | Rough Trade | "The Listening Parlour"
  16. "Lost and Found (Found Mix)" | Objekt | Cocoon Crush | PAN
  17. "80s" | Captain Wardrobe | Kronosphere | self-released
  18. "Meet Me" | Fred Abong | Pulsing | self-released
  19. "Dry Food" | Blaine L. Reininger | The Blue Sleep | Les Disques du Crepuscule
  20. "A Promise" | The Cinematic Orchestra | To Believe | Ninja Tune
  21. "The Desert" | Where We Sleep | Experiments In The Dark | self-released
  22. "To Sad To Tell You" | The Brian Jonestown Massacre | The Brian Jonestown Massacre | 'a' records
  23. "Super Falling Star" | Stereolab | Peng! [reissue] | Too Pure
  24. "That Was Julia" | The Lurkers | Electrical Guitar | Damaged Goods
  25. "President Gas" | Psychedelic Furs | Forever Now | Columbia
  26. "Goya" | Mathimidori | Yosago EP | Ornaments

You have to have a party when you're in a state like this

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