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Sep 2013

Rudy Tambala Interview, Part Two

September 7, 2013

AR-Kane-009.jpgHere is the second part of an interview I conducted with Rudy Tambala of A.R.Kane. Portions of this conversation appeared in the Hall of Legends special featuring A.R.Kane's music. This is the "full" recording, with everything in its proper context. Part One is available here.

This chat happened via Skype on August 26, 2013, about two weeks after we'd talked the first time. I had some "big picture" questions in mind, some of them perhaps misguided, but that's the sort of thing that happens when you've only read about a thing rather than having experienced it firsthand. As I've written elsewhere, the Bombast program is somehow about making things difficult for myself, and one aspect of that is "looking for sense where possibly there is none."

Still, I think the answers we get in this portion of the interview are worth it. "Long live difficult."

Thanks again to Rudy Tambala for being so generous with his time.