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Sep 2014

Nuit des nocturnes: Transmission 151, 2014 September 15

breathless-blue-moon.jpegListening to this program could work at any time, really, depending on what sort of person you are, but it was "designed" for nighttime and that is when it happened live. Occasionally I fall victim to ironic timing, and this was such a case: I had just aired a two-hour Hall of Legends induction for Breathless when I managed to hunt down the rare double-cd edition of Blue Moon. It would have been nice to have some honest-to-goodness "Physical Evidence" for that program [although--try finding "The Warmest Kiss" anywhere] but I don't know how I would have worked in a track 20 minutes or more in length. So I guess things worked out for the best.

What's more, this is also a well-executed program! It's been a long, rough summer. How nice it is to have a non-embarrassing podcast. I'm going to savor this one.

BOMBAST playlist, 2014 September 15-16, 2300-0100:

  1. "The Executioner" | The Black Angels | Clear Lake Forest | Blue Horizon
  2. "Moonstone 1" | Breathless | Blue Moon | Tenor Vossa
  3. "Shut Me Down" | Rowland S. Howard | Pop Crimes | Fat Possum
  4. "Octo Realm - Ketamine Sun" | The Fall | The Unutterable | Let Them Eat Vinyl
  5. "Hollow Wave" | Bremen | Second Launch | Blackest Ever Black
  6. "Protect The Revolution" | Not Waving | Intercepts | Ecstatic
  7. "Rally Round Jah's Throne" | Bad Brains | Live At CBGB 1982 | MVD Audio
  8. "Ash" | Shivers | Shivers | Miasmah
  9. "Night In New Chiang Saen" | Black Rain | Dark Pool | Blackest Ever Black
  10. "Moonstone 2" | Breathless | Blue Moon | Tenor Vossa
  11. "IIHX" | Loops Haunt | IIVA | Black Acre
  12. "Sternenmeer" | Driftmachine | Nocturnes | Umor-Rex
  13. "Corinivm" | July Skies | Dreaming of Spires | Rocket Girl
  14. "When You Go" | Tricky | Adrian Thaws | False Idols

next time: practice makes perfect. enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

Sep 2014

Close Your Eyes And Make Believe You Can Do Whatever You Please: Transmission 150, 2014 September 9

10403691_711203252267987_4626603544349127582_n.jpgMilestones: what are they? I remember wondering, in the beginning, whether this program would make it to episode 10. Here we are, at a robust 150, not feeling or looking a day older than 149. I thought I would try a new thing, that being a cassette, and where better to start than the excellent Meridians 2?

Were there glitches? Of course. Adventures in pronunciation? You betcha. Radio magic Cheating? HELL YES. This is a weird, wonderful episode, probably not the kind that boosts my credibility with the kids, but #YOLO.

BOMBAST playlist, 2014 September 9, 2100-2300:

  1. "Walk On By" | Isaac Hayes | Greatest Hits | Stax
  2. "Si Fermir Ogrido" | A Certain Ratio | Meridians 2 | Touch | "Physical Evidence"
  3. "M'bouran-Mousso (feat. Idrissa Soumaro)" | Les Ambassadeurs | Les Ambassadeurs Du Motel De Bamako, Vol. 2 | Sterns Africa
  4. "The Abstract Dad" | The Nightingales | For Fuck's Sake | self-released
  5. "Body Count" | Nocturnal Emissions | Meridians 2 | Touch | "Physical Evidence"
  6. "Kali Wave" | Lee Gamble | Kuang | PAN
  7. "Angel Sigh" | Spiritualized | Fucked Up Inside | Plain
  8. "Two-Way Mirror" | Not Waving | Intercepts | Ecstatic
  9. "Devolute" | The Fall | The Unutterable | Let Them Eat Vinyl
  10. "Cross The Breeze" | Sonic Youth | Daydream Nation | Goofin'
  11. "Live And Learn" | Trinity | Meaning of Dub | Stones Throw
  12. "Meta-Harmonie II" | Jean Tinguely | Meridians 2 | Touch | "Physical Evidence"
  13. "F.B.F.U" | High Heels Breaker | High Heels Breaker | Drumpoet Community
  14. "Imagination" | Ravioli Me Away | The Inevitable Album | self-released
  15. "Mission Control" | Karl Hector & The Malcouns | Unstraight Ahead | Now-Again
  16. "When The Fields Were On Fire" | Virginia Astley | Meridians 2 | Touch | "Physical Evidence"
  17. "Keys For Hanuman" | Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts | The Fight Within | Circus Company
  18. "Perfect Secrecy Forever" | Pye Corner Audio | Intercepts | Ecstatic
  19. "Archeology of Sound" | Derek Jarman | Meridians 2 | Touch | "Physical Evidence"
  20. "minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]" | Aphex Twin | Syro | Warp
  21. "Jubilee Street - Live from the Sydney Opera House" | Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds | Give Us A Kiss | Bad Seed Ltd
  22. "So What?" | Ulli Bomans | Riven | Shitkatapult
  23. "Children" | Bruce Gilbert | Meridians 2 | Touch | "Physical Evidence"
  24. "Who Will Save The Tiger?" | Black Rain | Dark Pool | Blackest Ever Black
  25. "Walk On By" | Mulligan & N. Smith | Meridians 2 | Touch | "Physical Evidence"

next time: moonstones, hollow waves, and octo realms. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

Sep 2014

U_D_M Detour 8, 2014 July 18

10505389_1566276883599519_2574815970250494712_n.jpg[GUEST POST]

Guess who? C'est moi, Guy.

The dreaded "eight-song set" returns. I am a stubbornly imperfect human. The best thing I can say about this program is that at least no equipment or personnel were harmed in its unfolding.

I was having fun with titles on this day. They are important. And I truly am Guy Detachment LeBatard. You can look it up.

U_D_M Playlist, 2014 July 18, 1900-2000:

  1. "Stars on the Sea - Blue Dub Version" | The Living Islands | The Pink Collection | Eskimo / N.E.W.S.
  2. "006" | Christian Lisco | Thoughts | Komisch
  3. "Vapour" | Special Request | Soul Music | Houndstooth
  4. "Ezra Was Right - Kim Brown Iron Rave Remix" | Grandbrothers | Ezra EP | Film
  5. "Sky - Scuba Remix" | Audion | Sky (Scuba Remix) | Spectral Sound
  6. "Alright" | Savvas Ysatis | Archiv #08 | Tresor
  7. "Leaving the Physical World" | Steven Tang | Leaving the Physical World | Smallville
  8. "Detachment - Francys Remix" | Tobia Coffa | Get Over It | Amam

you said to me I'm out of my mind

Sep 2014

U_D_M Detour 7, 2014 June 20

10451709_1553720231521851_2959179629160253918_n.jpg[GUEST POST]

LeBatard here, again. I do what I can to provide mindless, harmless images to mediate whatever social relations you find yourselves embroiled in. Sometimes the world wins. This was a terrible day, and terrible things happened, and I don't want to discuss them here.

Instead, let's talk about numbers. Here are nine songs. I am glad that it turned out to be nine. The number eight bothers me. It was not always this way. Those first three New Order albums--they each had eight tracks, and I considered them perfect. Precious memories! In my first few broadcasts I could not escape this number, but I have done so recently, and it is quite a relief. I am so finished with symmetry.

U_D_M playlist, 2014 June 20, 1900-2000:

  1. "What Is Electro" | Snuff Crew | Behind the Masks | BPitch Control
  2. "Surfering" | UNER | Tune 432 | DIYNamic
  3. "In & Out" | Mercury | In & Out | Spiel
  4. "Noughts" | Few Nolder | Private Drive | Silence Family
  5. "Eglantine" | Hiver | Blue Aconite | Curle / N.E.W.S.
  6. "Start Stop Dream" | Hector | The Hand of Hec | mobilee
  7. "Pathfinder" | Throwing Snow | Pathfinder | Houndstooth
  8. "Taqueria" | Marc Houle & Click Box | Razzamatazz | Items & Things
  9. "Black Snow (Isolee Remix)" | Cavaan | Sign's | Treat Your DJ Right

be careful with phrases like "dead time"

Sep 2014

U_D_M Detour 6, 2014 May 9

1907349_1531888400371701_7899733417670009085_n.jpg[GUEST POST]

It is I again, Guy. This is the last of my spur-of-the-moment programs. The people at WRFI have since tried to chain me to a regular schedule. It has been a spectacular failure so far, but the dream lives on.

On this night I was feeling particularly nostalgic, much to my embarrassment. Your feelings will, no doubt, differ. Kid Catharsis assures me that this recording makes a splendid backdrop for an hour on the treadmill. So, if you are into that sort of thing, de rien.

U_D_M playlist, 2014 May 9, 1900-2000:

  1. "Big Sex" | The Anti-Group | Big Sex | Sweatbox
  2. "Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro Mix)" | Depeche Mode | Never Let Me Down Again | Mute - Sire
  3. "Skinflowers (Brain Forest Remix)" | The Young Gods | Skinflowers | Play It Again Sam
  4. "Give Me Some Love" | The Love Corporation | Give Me Some Love | Creation
  5. "Mama (Remix)" | The Wolfgang Press | Queer [TWP 3] | 4AD
  6. "Interzone" | Psychic TV | The Magickal Mystery D Tour EP | Temple
  7. "MTO" | New Order | Run 2 | Factory

it is forbidden to forbid

Sep 2014

Seems Probably Unhealthy, But Anyway: Transmission 149, 2014 September 2

spiritualized-effed-up-inside.jpegHere is a collection of many moods and energies. Not, despite what some would tell you, overly depressing, but boy have I become self-conscious about that. All feelings are part of life's rich pageant anyway, am I right? The mighty Spiritualized provide the special record of the night, and since the original spirit of "Physical Evidence" was to play a continuous set of songs, I went ahead and played an entire side.

Junior was tickled that I asked her to read something that was more or less dirty. I'm not sure I know where she is with that whole issue, but I'm trying to enjoy her youth and mischief while I still can. I am a horrible parent, I know.

NB Joseph Kabasele is from DR Congo, which is indeed part of "West Africa," no matter how you slice it.

BOMBAST playlist, 2014 September 2, 2100-2300:

  1. "Life's What You Make It" | Rowland S. Howard | Pop Crimes | Fat Possum
  2. "Mokonzi Ya Mboka" | Joseph Kabasele, Grand Kalle | Le Grand Kalle: His Life, His Music | Sterns Africa
  3. "Thread Laid Bare On The Ground" | Campbell Irvine | Removal of the Six Armed Goddess | Infrastructure New York
  4. "Massa" | Ziguri | Kolsch-Schickert-Erdenreich | Bureau B
  5. "Car Crash" | Tijuana Panthers | Wayne Interest | Innovative Leisure
  6. "(The Assassination Of) Perito Moreno" | Valina | Container | Trost
  7. "Swimming with Jack Lumber" | Blacksmif | 23 Waist | PTN
  8. "Jo Nibunga" | Karl Hector & The Malcouns | Unstraight Ahead | Now-Again
  9. "Braids" | Boska | Santa Cruz EP | Studio Barnhus
  10. "Beautiful Liar" | Lydia Lunch / Cypress Grove | A Fistful Of Desert Blues | Rustblade
  11. "Shine A Light (Clear Light / Clear Rush)" / "Smiles" | Spiritualized | Fucked Up Inside | Plain | "Physical Evidence"
  12. "Irish Wake In Varanasi (for Big Pete Devlin)" | Peter Matthew Bauer | Liberation! | Kemado - Mexican Summer
  13. "Way Round" | The Fall | The Unutterable | Let Them Eat Vinyl
  14. "It Goes Up / Revenge" | Officer! | Dead Unique | Blackest Ever Black
  15. "Providence" | Sonic Youth | Daydream Nation | Goofin'
  16. "Rising Sun" | High Heels Breaker | High Heels Breaker | Drumpoet Community
  17. "Mean It" | IMC Sun | Somtime EP | Transition
  18. "Dub Everlasting" | Dub Club | Meaning of Dub | Stones Throw
  19. "Fantomas: Le Faux Magistrat Part 8" | James Blackshaw | Fantomas: Le Faux Magistrat | Tompkins Square

next time: cassettes are assets. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

Sep 2014

U_D_M Detour 5, 2014 January 10

1537872_1468637533363455_1916095459_o.jpg[GUEST POST]

LeBatard dans la maison. This program happened so long ago that it has dropped out of the stream of history. Therefore it is new, now and always. Such are the wonders of dead time.

It may have embarrassed me to play "Palatial," knowing as I may have that Kid Catharsis played it at some point or other, probably more than once, knowing him and his issues. But I don't recall, so that, too, is irrelevant now.

The frozen evening on which this broadcast must have taken place was, no doubt, like all the others, except I was there, creating a situation. May such nights return soon. How I detest summers down here in the tropics!

U_D_M playlist, 2014 January 10, 2000-2100:

  1. "Palatial" | The Love Corporation | Tones | Creation
  2. "Wait" | Kyrill & Redford | Somebody | Burlesque
  3. "Love Walls - Philipp Priebe Remix" | Ted Alexander | XXX | Stem
  4. "Mmm Skyscraper I Love You" | Underworld | 1992-2002 | Junior Boy's Own
  5. "Something from My Mind" | Echonomist | Blowback EP | Rotary Cocktail
  6. "Presence" | Tobia Coffa | Get Over It EP | Amam
  7. "Feel What You Feel" | LTJ Bukem | Journey Inwards | Kinetic

Absence now.

Sep 2014

The Hall of Legends - John Peel: Transmission 148, 2014 August 30

mixedpeel.jpegThis is actually the second time I've done an all-Peel Sessions program, but the first since I've started doing the "celebrity birthday observances" thing. The first such program, from December 2012, was early days--a ragged show but still one of the best I've done. At the time the "Hall of Legends" wasn't even a thing, though it would be very shortly. At any rate you probably don't need anyone to tell you why John Peel was important, or what he meant, to the world or to them personally--but just in case you do, my own testimony is at that first hyperlink. I've probably said this before in some way or other, but my nearest approach to that kind of greatness only happens when I play the music that Peel and his producers commissioned, and maybe also when I play things at the wrong speed or botch the segues.

On that note, there certainly were some glitches in this program, so I do consider it a proper homage. I didn't have Persephone riding sidecar this time, which would have been perfect, but I did have engineer Slade mucking about in the studio while I was trying to cue records. Sometimes he just hears that I'm on the air and considers that a green light to visit the studio and do some work. Don't get me wrong--we'd be lost without him. My show is mere bombast, after all, especially when I commandeer a time slot that isn't "mine." Still, is my show really as depressing as he says?

This is a bit of a departure for the Hall of Legends--prior to this induction, the Hall had been musicians-only [yes, even Ivo]. I wasn't anxious to branch out, and Peel seemed, as I say early on in the broadcast, "too obvious." What I really mean is that it's almost unnecessary--he's universally loved/respected/admired/whatever. Then again, he's not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, nor does it seem like he's about to wind up there, which seems like, I don't know, a bit of an oversight? In a previous life someone actually paid me to teach the youth, and one of the things I tried to impart was that Aristotle [as critic/theorist/"idea person"] was way more important to theatre than countless playwrights, actors, directors, and so on. This is true of John Peel and music and at the end of the day I guess I didn't care if I was just joining the chorus.

But no more DJs. That wing of the Hall has room only for one.

BOMBAST playlist, 2014 August 30, 2000-2200:

  1. "Do It Better" | Happy Mondays | The Peel Sessions | Strange Fruit
  2. "In Fear of Fear" | Bauhaus | Spirit | Alfa
  3. "Here Today" | The Chameleons | The John Peel Sessions | Dutch East India Trading
  4. "5-8-6" | New Order | Mixed Peel | NME - Strange Fruit | "Physical Evidence"
  5. "Coffin Ed & Grave Digger Jones" | The Flaming Stars | The Six John Peel Sessions | Vinyl Japan
  6. "Scratched Bicycle / Smell Memory" | Mum | The Peel Session | FatCat
  7. "Raquel" | The Specials | BBC Sessions | EMI
  8. "No Escape From Heaven" | Curve | Radio Sessions | Anxious
  9. "Blind Dumb Deaf" | Cocteau Twins | Garlands | 4AD
  10. "Ride A White Swan" | T. Rex | Mixed Peel | NME - Strange Fruit | "Physical Evidence"
  11. "Levitate Me" | Pixies | Pixes At The BBC | Elektra
  12. "Apocalypse" | In Camera | Fin | 4AD
  13. "Love Gets Dangerous" | Billy Bragg | Mixed Peel | NME - Strange Fruit | "Physical Evidence"
  14. "Rich Kids" | Rich Kids | Winters of Discontent | Strange Fruit
  15. "Felicity" | The Wedding Present | The BBC Sessions | Dutch East India Trading
  16. "Land's End" | Siouxsie & The Banshees | Voices On The Air | Polydor
  17. "Arthur's Farm / All I Want For Christmas Is a Dukla Prague Away Kit" | Half Man Half Biscuit | The Peel Sessions | Strange Fruit
  18. "Smile" | The Fall | The Peel Sessions | Strange Fruit
  19. "Naked Cousin" | PJ Harvey | The Peel Sessions 1991-2004 | Island
  20. "New Rose" | The Damned | Mixed Peel | NME - Strange Fruit | "Physical Evidence"
  21. "Enchanted" | The Wild Swans | Winters of Discontent | Strange Fruit
  22. "I've Changed My Address" | The Jam | The Peel Session | Strange Fruit
  23. "A Matter of Gender" | The Associates | Winters of Discontent | Strange Fruit
  24. "Straight To Your Heart" | Loop | Wolf Flow | Reactor
  25. "Start From Scratch" | The Nightingales | Winters of Discontent | Strange Fruit
  26. "Fire In Cairo" | The Cure | The Peel Session | Dutch East India Trading
  27. "Here Comes The Summer" | The Undertones | Mixed Peel | NME - Strange Fruit | "Physical Evidence"
  28. "Hope Against Hope" | Band Of Susans | The Peel Sessions | Dutch East India Trading
  29. "Radio One" | Jimi Hendrix Experience | The BBC Sessions | MCA

next time: keeping it "up and bouncy." Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

Sep 2014

I Have Done Bad Things On The Radio: Transmission 147, 2014 August 26

killing-sound-sixxx-harmonies-version.jpgThis program happened in the afterglow of the Breathless Hall of Legends induction, which was a long time ago now. I must have been feeling post-euphoric depression over the last month or so. Or maybe it was moving, or a lousy birthday ("Astral Projections and Suicidal Thoughts" indeed--I think maybe I am finished with them). Anyway, it's been a while since we last posted (or heard) a "normal" program--feels good somehow.

Whatever the backstory, there are some beautiful moments here. That's my daily affirmation. I am good at this sometimes. There's also some improvisation at the end, if I remember correctly, but I probably don't! Thanks for bearing with me.

BOMBAST playlist, 2014 August 26, 2100-2300:

  1. "Sussing - Miles Remodel" | Tolouse Low Trax | Toulouse Low Trax | Karaoke Kalk
  2. "Gaping Void - Cacao Mars Remix" | Korablove | Gaping Void | High-Jack
  3. "Moonfish Is Here" | The Royal Family And The Poor | The Temple Of The 13th Tribe | Mannequin
  4. "7477" | Tigerskin with Till Von Sein | All Those Goodbyes | Dirt Crew
  5. "$ixxx Harmonie$ Version" | Killing Sound | $ixxx Harmonie$ Version | Blackest Ever Black | "Physical Evidence"
  6. "Det Gar Runt Igen" | Jarse | Det Gar Runt Igen | Fonal
  7. "Poison Ivy" | Bleached | For The Feel | Dead Oceans
  8. "Astral Projections and Suicidal Thoughts" | Alien Whale | Alien Whale EP | Care In The Community
  9. "Victory" | Cornell Campbell | Meaning of Dub | Stones Throw
  10. "(I Know) A Girl Called Jonny" | Rowland S. Howard | Pop Crimes | Fat Possum
  11. "7th Seal" | Tijuana Panthers | Wayne Interest | Innovative Leisure
  12. "Walking The Skies" | Bremen | Second Launch | Blackest Ever Black
  13. "RYIIG" | Loops Haunt | IIVA | Black Acre
  14. "Freylock" | Sean Pineiro | Saved Once Twice | KI
  15. "Victory, Pt. 2" | Ranking Joe & Cornell Campbell | Meaning of Dub | Stones Throw
  16. "I Was Born In An Ashram" | Peter Matthew Bauer | Liberation! | Kemado - Mexican Summer
  17. "Tripmaker / Outskirts Of Infinity / Counter Clock World / Time Is Of The Essence" | Rosco aka Sterling Roswell | The Call Of The Cosmos | Media Roscom
  18. "Nothing is Lost" | Minilogue | The Island of If | Cocoon

next time: Peeling out in the Hall of Legends. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

Sep 2014

Full Interview: Dominic Appleton of Breathless

dominicappleton.pngHere is the interview I conducted with Dominic Appleton of Breathless. Portions of this conversation appeared in the Hall of Legends special featuring the band's music.

This conversation took place on August 15, 2014, via Skype-to-phone. I was at my place and Dominic was at his. Very nice of him to give me about an hour on a Friday evening!

It pains me to say this, again: I would love to describe this as the "full recording," with everything in a clear, linear context. BUT. My laptop decided it was time for more software glitches. If you've heard the interviews with Andrew Gray, Michael Allen, or Ivo Watts-Russell, you're familiar with my digital mishaps. Anyway, I did manage to capture Dominic's voice just fine, which is the important part. Who needs to listen to me, anyway?

Hence, as with Michael Allen, it's soundboard time. Feels very 2005, somehow, but we do what we can. 25 brief responses to what may have been 25 questions of varying incisiveness. I suppose I could have strung all of these together into a lengthy monologue, but that seemed weird. In a half-hearted stab at integrity I have posted these soundbites in the order in which they happened in the interview.

References: "Ivo" is of course Ivo Watts-Russell. Ari, Gary, Martin, and Tristram are obviously bandmates. Anne Clark you should really know--and check out The Sitting Room! "Virgin" is Virgin Records, a.k.a. the Megastore. See? Record-store employees can achieve great things. There is hope for me yet.

That's the last of the Breathless interviews. It made me so happy to speak to Ari and Dominic--"rosy-cheek park" happy, you might say. I told Ari at the beginning that these interviews wreck my nerves, and they usually do--no such thing to report this time.

For audio, click any of the hyperlinks below. Enjoy!

Whose music moved you when you were young?
How did music become your creative outlet?
Did you know Anne Clark personnally before assisting on her album, The Sitting Room?
How does Breathless develop new songs?
Do you keep your old rehearsal tapes?
Why do your songs have such unusual structures?
Your lyrics focus on love and relationships; what makes a good love song?
How important is it for Breathless records to have a sonic identity?
What was it like working with Kramer and Drostan Madden?
How spontaneous is Breathless in the studio?
You've discussed "sounding like Breathless without wanting to." What does that mean?
Didn't you have momentum in the USA in the 80s? Did you tour America?
Was running your own label always part of the plan?
Who's responsible for the cover art on your records?
Was the band broken up during the long gaps preceding Blue Moon and Green to Blue?
Why the recent interest in remixes?
Which songs do you perform live most often?
Do you have any interesting tour stories?
Is it true that you began voice lessons recently?
Do you gig out of necessity rather than desire?
How do you assess regional preferences for this or that album? Do fans write to you?
What's the most meaningful feedback you've received from fans?
What are you currently working on? [and Tristram Latimer-Sayer's status]
Do you listen to your own back catalogue? What is that experience like?
What impact would you like your songs to have on people?

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